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7 Mystical Laws of Attraction

Parul Solanki Nov 18, 2018
Deemed as one of the most powerful forces in the universe, the 7 laws of attraction are believed to be the key to a successful, happy life. Read ahead to know more about how the laws can help in the manifestation of your dreams.
We have heard of the 'laws of attraction' wave and new philosophical phrases like 'positive thinking', 'universal laws of attraction', and '11 forgotten laws of attraction'. How many of us, though, have truly realized their essence?
Deemed as one of the most important laws governing the universe, the laws of attraction are believed to be the key to worldly success and freedom. The world is full of people who are constantly running the rat race to make money, have a great relationship, a nice home, and a great car (Read: A red Ferrari).
So why is it that some people find success a walk in the park, while others struggle with a life of mediocrity and unhappiness? To answer this all important question, we need to understand the laws of attraction.

Understanding the Laws of Attraction

Although it has been defined in countless ways by the proponents, a few simple words can define the laws of attraction which essentially state the most commonly used phrase, 'like attracts like'. What this pertains to is that our thoughts create a sort of magnetic force, which brings to us whatever we think about.
The laws claim to have a scientific twist to the whole story. It states that your thoughts have an energy, so when you focus on something, you are adding power to it, and because you are vibrating at that same frequency, that energy is going to be drawn to you.
To harness the energy for the achievement of the desired goal, a person has to know what he wanted, ask the universe for it, visualize the object that he desired, and be ready to receive it.  Proponents have worked out several devices for this, from listing down the things you wanted on a piece of paper to using a vision board.
However, the law of attraction is a broad term, which has become a catchphrase to describe how we interact with the universe. To further understand this universal law, it has been broken down into the seven laws of attraction.

The 7 Laws of Attraction

Believed to be the governing factor for everything that is happening to you, the seven laws of attraction break down the information into its basic components.
The Law of Manifestation: This law propounds the manifestation of your thoughts into reality. So irrespective of how big or small your dreams are, whatever you spend your time and energy thinking about, ultimately becomes a part of your experience or reality.
For example, if your thoughts constantly delve on success, you will get it. Having said that, be careful of what you wish for, since the law of manifestation is as much about your perceptions, as it is about your situation.
The Law of Unwavering Desire: If you set your heart into achieving the thing that you desire, wanting to own it completely, then the universe will make way for it (It sounds like something my dad would preach about).
The Law of Delicate Harmony: This is the difficult part, especially if you have wished for a Gucci bag! The law of delicate harmony essentially believes in maintaining a deep and abiding sense of gratitude and contentment, till you achieve the results.
Frustration by the lack of results sends negative impulses and results in the obvious lack of results. So as they say, project your imagination for the future and live in the present. (Oh man, my Gucci bag will be so out of fashion by then!)
The Law of Magnetism: This law has its roots in the Indian philosophy of Karma, that preaches the proponent, 'as you sow, so shall you reap'. So the energy that you radiate, whether positive or negative, will result in attracting the same from the universe.
The Law of Synchronization: You will be able to receive the great gifts from the universe, provided you align yourself and be in close harmony with the greater whole.
The Law of Universal Influence: Your every deed and action have an impact on the people around you. You might have observed that some people carry an air of vitality and positive energy, which affects you in a positive way. The law of universal influence propounds the philosophical thought, that we should not take even the tiniest of actions for granted.
The Law of Conscience Action: Okay, so now that you have projected your thoughts into the universe, you cannot really sit back and wait for the thing to come to you. You need to do something to achieve your goals. So instead of lazing around, waiting for your dreams to materialize out of thin air, you need to get out there and get into the mix!
The proponents of these 7 laws of attraction believe that these principles can change your life and can show various real life examples to demonstrate it. However, the laws of attraction have also been criticized for the lack of falsifiability and the testability of these claims.
Skeptics believe that evidences are very anecdotal and the scientific angle with its roots in Quantum physics, is just an instance of pseudoscience. For those who have seen the laws dramatically transform their lives, these laws dictate their life's reality. Whether or not you prefer living by them, live positively and with passion to get success, happiness.