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8 Signs That You May Have Psychic Abilities

Craig Thomas May 24, 2019
Most of us have experienced something uncanny that makes us think that we have more information than what our five senses could provide. For some of us, this feeling is so strong or frequent that we start to question whether we are in possession of a sixth sense.
Psychic abilities are innate to all humans, but like other talents, they are stronger in some people. Some people’s abilities are so strong that they are undeniable. For others they are relatively weak, and will rarely manifest.

There are signs that can indicate a person having above average psychic abilities. Here are eight of the most common signs.

You are highly empathetic

Psychic abilities allow us to tune into the energy in the world around us, including the energy of other people. Trained psychics can sometimes read other people’s thoughts.

More raw psychic talent often manifests as being able to tangibly feel what another person is feeling, whether that be happiness, fear or grief.

You are easily overstimulated

Being in tune with the energy of the universe means often being bombarded with energy from all directions. If we do not understand what is happening, this can be traumatic and overstimulating.

If you find crowded and busy places physically discomforting, it may be because you are sensing too much external energy.

You often feel déjà vu

Déjà vu is the feeling that something has happened before, when it is in fact happening for the first time. If this happens to you frequently, it may be possible that you have psychic abilities.

You have already seen what is happening now, somewhere in your head. Unaware that it was a psychic vision, it feels like déjà vu.

You have prophetic dreams

Similar to déjà vu, untrained psychics often have visions of the future, or other places, in their dreams. This is because while the conscious mind has been trained to ignore the unusual, the unconscious mind does not have the same restrictions.

As such it does not black out psychic events, like the conscious mind often can.

You trust your intuition

Intuition is our unconscious brain giving our conscious brain advice that we don’t fully understand. Our unconscious mind can pick up on things that we can’t and knows more than we do.

If you have untrained psychic abilities, your unconscious mind will have access to psychic information. This means your gut is right most of the time.

You had imaginary friends

Movies have taught us that imaginary friends are not always make-believe. Children have stronger psychic abilities than adults, as they have not yet learnt to ignore what we are told is not real.

Children’s imaginary friends are often beings from the spiritual plane. We lose our memory of them as we stop believing.

You experience synchronicities frequently

We all occasionally find ourselves noticing something specific in the exact moment that we need advice or guidance. The universe often sends messages through repeating numbers.

Numerology Sign explains that these are known as angel numbers. The stronger our psychic abilities, the more likely we are to notice these subtle messages.

You often see things that aren’t there

Do you believe that you have seen ghosts? Do people sometimes seem like they give off a bit of a glow?

Spiritual energy often manifests in physical form that most of us can’t see. Trained psychics learn to identify these manifestations. Raw psychics will often notice strange occurrences which they dismiss as a trick of the light.

What next?

If you recognise these signs within yourself, it may be that you have stronger than average psychic abilities. It is possible that, if nurtured, these abilities could be transformational.

There are no sure-fire tests for psychic abilities, but you might consider testing yourself further by taking the colour wheel ESP test of the Zener Cards intuition test.
When it comes to psychic abilities, it is important to recognise things that happen, such as déjà vu, a feeling in your gut, or an image out of the corner of your eye, as something.

Do not dismiss these occurrences out of hand as impossible. Recognising the potential for psychic abilities and experiences is the first step in nurturing them further.