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Are Ghosts Real? We Spill the Beans for You!

Are Ghosts Real?
Many of us think that we have felt the presence of ghosts around us. But are they real? There is still no definitive answer to this question, but we should have the ability of reaching our own conclusions. Follow this Mysticurious article to spill the beans!
Rahul Thadani
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018
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A Publicity Hoax?
The Dona Paula beach is one of the famous beaches in Goa, India. Tourists throng the place not just for the beauty but also for the spicy tales that it bears. The beach is haunted by the spirits of dead lovers, say the locals and the tourist guides. However, eerie experiences haven't been reported by anyone. We've all heard a number of ghost stories throughout our lives, and many of these have successfully managed to send shivers down our spine and scare us witless. The facts that support the real presence of ghosts are insubstantial and are based merely on eye witness accounts. In a way we are all waiting for some concrete undeniable evidence to emerge, that firmly proves to us once and for all that ghosts really do exist.

Well, this is one part of the story. We can't ignore those feelings and strange experiences which if not all, but at least some of us have experienced somewhere, at some time during our lives. Perhaps now if we think about them, we shall either be able to give a logical explanation for those turbulent times, or simply believe in the truth of that phase, accepting the strange bizarreness of those situations which we had been able to survive and overcome.

The origins of ghosts are not known, as every culture that history has told us about, has held a belief in life after death. Egyptians had a strong faith in this concept. Worshiping spirits has been an integral part of all these heritages. When someone asks us whether ghosts are present in reality, we immediately think about the last scary movie we saw, and the fact is that mainstream movies from Hollywood have somewhat distorted our faith in ghosts. We now view them as dangerous and haunting entities that are out to cause physical and mental harm to us and our loved ones. This was not always the case, but the idea of a 'friendly ghost' is one that has been discarded many years back. But, on the other hand, it would not be correct to dismiss something as non-existent, only because we don't have sufficient data to prove its existence. The point to note here is that mankind is afar from knowing about phenomena and entities which are true, but are still far from being known.

Well, in order to affirm the presence of ghosts, or their absence is the aim of this article. In order to arrive at definite conclusions, let us read for ourselves some of the incidents which may not be termed as 'ghostly' per se, but are of course within the parameters of supernatural occurrences, or paranormal in nature. In the next few paragraphs, we shall take a close look at some of the incidents that have immortalized. The first story that we can relate to is the incident which had taken place a century back, but the impact is certainly a lingering one. Read on to know about some of these incidents.

The Greenbrier Ghost
This is a true incident that had taken place in the year 1897 in the month of January. The woman was a resident of Greenbrier in West Virginia, and was found dead under mysterious circumstances in her own residence. She had been married to a man named Edward Shue, and ever since has been known as Elva Zona Heaster-Shue. She was found dead and cold, and was buried after all the rites were observed. However, her mother was never convinced that it was a death that happened naturally and always smelt something fishy. In fact she never was in favor of this matrimony in the first place, and her daughter's untimely death strengthened her resolve to find out the truth.

But there was nothing that was in her control. However, one night she had the visions of her dead daughter. In fact, for four consecutive nights she had her daughter with her in the same room. She felt a strange and sudden drop in the room temperature, making it exceedingly chilly. Also, there was a strange flash of light in the room. Then there was Zora, letting it all out. She said to her mother that she didn't die because of a mere heart failure as the case appeared, but instead her neck was severely broken and she was choked to death. What followed next was completely unbelievable, but was convincing enough to move a grief-stricken mother to action. What followed next was a milestone in itself.

The victim's mother took into confidence Dr. Knapp who had examined the body, and after much ordeal, convinced the authority to allow exhumation. Reports suggested that indeed there was a fatal injury in the neck. The ligaments were torn, the windpipe was in a really bad shape. Edward was arrested with the charge of murdering his wife. Subsequent examination proved that he was married twice before marrying Zora, and that his second wife was also found dead under strange circumstances. Later trials led Edward to imprisonment for life, though he died within the next three years. What is important here is justice was done, the more important point being, justice was made possible with the help of a dead victim. Her ghost was never seen by her mother ever again.

And we are left in a dilemma which is strong enough, and far from being easily solved!

The Kate Morgan Mystery
Hotel Del Coronado and Kate Morgan are interwoven (literally) with one another. The hotel stands in San Diego. The haunting story of haunted hotel is that, long back in the years of 1800, a woman checked into the hotel, stayed there for a few days until her lifeless body was discovered on the stairs. The popular belief is that she had committed suicide, as a bullet was found in her head, and also a gun was held in her palm.

The incident began when the young woman checked into the hotel, alone and under a different name. She was apparently married to Tom Morgan, and was then carrying his child. However, according to the story, Tom was not keen to start a family and left his wife in the hotel. The last time she was seen was when she was seen waiting for her husband who never arrived. Her body remained unclaimed. There also seems to be another room in the hotel which was occupied by her mistress who had come to take care of her. The two haunted room in the hotel are 3502 and 3312. The latter was occupied by Kate. However, investigations suggested that the bullet that was found in her head did not match the gun that was held by her at the time of the death. The woman who was thought to be her companion was never seen again, after Kate was buried. So, the possibility of a murder can't be ruled out. The haunted rooms display horrific occurrences which scare the inmates tremendously.

Whatever may be the genuineness of the incident, it does manage to scare us.
The New Orleans Sultan
The story goes like this. It was the time of the Civil War when a Creole named LaPrete sold out his lavish mansion to one Turkish Sultan, who immediately moved in with an elaborate harem of women, children, and eunuchs. Their lifestyle was eccentric. There was loud music, accompanied by heavy scent of incense, and puffs of hukkah.

However, trouble struck when one fine day a passerby noticed unusual silence which was unlikely of that mansion after the Sultan had moved in. Upon nearing she noticed droplets of blood dripping from the gallery, and as she neared further she saw blood pools near the door. When the case was investigated, there were body parts discovered within the mansion that were cut and spread all over the house. Children, women, men, and eunuchs; none were spared. It was a ghastly sight for anyone. The Sultan was not slaughtered but was found to have been buried alive. Further investigations suggested that the Sultan was essentially not a Sultan at all, but was rather a kin of a Middle-eastern Sultan. It is assumed that perhaps the slain prince had escaped and took refuge in the mansion. Whatever may be the case, the fact is even after so many years there are incidents of unnatural sight, sound, smell, and shadow that haunt the place.
Scary... isn't it?

The Screaming Tunnel
This is yet another spot that scares people endlessly. It stands on Nigeria Falls. The tunnel opens to a field. However, the twist is that the field was not abandoned and desolated like it is now, but rather was inhabited by a family who owned a big house. However this was the scenario almost a century ago. There is this disturbing tale that involves a girl and her painful death who burnt and died. There are in fact two versions of the story. The first one tells that there was a sudden fire in the house, and a girl was caught in that fire. She made several attempts to escape, she came out of the house with flames engulfing her. She was desperately trying to free herself, but in the wind of the night the flames seemed to increase. She ran frantically all over the place, and in the process went into the tunnel, and subsequently lost her life on the tunnel floor. Ever since, any passerby who lights a match stick or any wooden chip, hears the painful screams, and has the fire blown out.

In another version of the story there was a family who lived in the house, consisting a man, his wife and their little daughter. There was a feud between the couple, and one fine day the woman decided to walk out of the marriage, and also said that she would be taking her daughter along. This angered the man, and in his rage he hit his wife. The poor girl ran out of the house to escape the torment of her father and took shelter in the tunnel. However, the man found her, and set her ablaze, alive. The little girl died but her screams didn't.

Yet another story that compels us to think twice before dismissing the tales and possible existence of whether the ghosts are real or not. Science and technology have taken huge leaps, but some things are still not comprehensible by this terrific technological advancement.
Evaluating the Facts
We will have to admit that after reading the above accounts, or after listening from someone who narrated on similar lines, it becomes a little dicey for us to decide. Though some of the tales, lores, and in some cases one's own experiences may lead one to decide that ghosts do exist.

In this light it is also mandatory to know that there are people who find pleasure in increasing the fear amongst the commoners. Owing to the availability of a multitude of software and technical know-how, it is rather easy to scare people with false tales and features. There are also patients who have bouts of hallucinations and envision and believe things which are nothing, but merely an outcome of their unrestricted thoughts.

But again these are some of the possibilities. It wouldn't be wise to generalize situations and bluntly nullify the occurrence and presence of the extraordinary.
Some of us do believe in them, and it's true that this belief also stems from a belief in God. As they say, if good exists, evil is not far behind. Others, who are more agnostic in nature, hold the firm belief that till we actually see them in front of us, we will not believe in ghosts. It is all a matter of perception, and we should make our own choices based on what we have seen for ourselves, rather than basing it on the accounts and tales of others, and rather than getting influenced by the last scary movie that we saw. In conclusion the only thing that stands tall and true is that experience is the only clue to the puzzle. People who haven't been through similar ruckus render ghosts as unreal; unlike those who firmly believe that ghosts are real because of the simple reason that has come from their experiences.
The Littlest Ghoul
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