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Astral Projection For Beginners

Aishwarya Nirmal May 10, 2019
Astral projection is also referred to as an out-of-the-body experience, and it literally means the same. It is the state wherein, a person's soul is out of his body, and goes through a different spiritual experience.
In the beginning, science did not believe in the phenomena of spirits or anything supernatural. However, in the past few decades, scientists have conducted experiments involving spirits and the outcomes have obliged them to conclude that the 'supernatural', indeed exists.
There are theories about dreams wherein people say that what you dream is actually what your soul experiences in another world, the 'dream world'. In fact, many are convinced, to a certain extent, of this theory themselves since they have dreamed and seen heavenly places.
They describe it like, 'nothing was fictitious about those places', but still they would somehow call the places out-of-the-world. They recall that after seeing those dreams, they felt completely rejuvenated and refreshed.

What is Astral Projection?

There have been times when people have felt that they are watching their body from outside it. Though these moments lasted for a few seconds, they were enough to compel them to believe that there is indeed something supernatural in every human being. Those who can realize it, can use the powers to do many other, not so normal, (in the regular sense) things.
Science also claims that the power of the human brain is infinite, and that all humans utilize only 10% of their brains. The rest 90%, which is also called our sub-conscious mind, is resting. The ones who can use anything more than 10%, can achieve many, seemingly impossible things.
The Egyptians would mummify the dead bodies, and bury them with food and water with the belief that the spirits/ghosts of the dead would require the material in their afterlife. Well, astral projection is something like afterlife.
The major difference is that in this state, you can travel the astral plane while you are still alive unlike afterlife, when it is believed that the spirit travels the astral plane after death. The astral plane is said to be a plane of existence that every soul passes through, before birth and after death.
It is an imaginary, intermediate place that some believe, exists between heaven and earth, and said to be inhabited by angels, demons and other supernatural beings. Some people who have had near-death experiences, especially during accidents, have reported this weird feeling of watching the accident happening from a distance i.e. from outside their own body.
People have also reported to have had an astral projection when their mind and body were extremely stressed or even under the influence of drugs. However, these may not be strictly classified as astral projection experiences.
While most have had such experiences in extreme conditions, there are some who practice astral projection as an art. Some, who are acrophobic (fear of heights), dream about falling from a tall cliff and as we keep falling eventually we feel that we have separated from our body and watch ourselves fall down into nothingness, that's when we wake up startled.
Some state that this could also be an astral projection experience. By now, it is clear that during such an experience, the state of the mind is something other than normal. So, to induce this state, the mind has to go to different levels. This is mostly done through meditation and other advanced techniques.

Tips for Beginners

People practicing astral projection can leave their physical body and make their astral body travel to any place, at anytime by controlling the state of the mind, and/or falling into the 'half-sleep'. The whole time you are astral projecting, it is necessary that you should be able to maintain this state.
For this purpose, a beginner is usually suggested to do breathing exercises, and listen to soothing music that may help him/her to get control over his mind. Relaxation of the mind and body at the same time is very important for achieving this state of mind.
Any overwhelming feelings should be kept under control, especially when you are beginning the experience newly. Any kind of distraction or negative thoughts should be kept at bay when astral projecting. External disturbances should be none. You should strongly desire what you want and should be well motivated, so that you can achieve it as soon as possible.
To get an experience of astral projection, it is suggested that you can try staring at a spot on the back of the head. Your focus needs to be intense, and you cannot afford to get distracted. The intense focus helps you to change the state of your consciousness, and you may also actually experience it for fraction of a second.
Those who have some experience of meditation can try to focus with closed eyes, and attempt to see a particular thing. You have to clear your mind and think intently about that particular thing you may want to see. However, try not to imagine about the object, or experience hallucination as this may prove to be a false experience.
Astral projection is gaining popularity in modern days and many desire to learn this art. While some claim it to be a fiction, the ones who practice and have gone through it believe that it shows them that there is more to it than what meets the eye.