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Astral Projection Guide

Aishwarya Nirmal May 10, 2019
Astral projection is an art that can be mastered only after hard work and a lot of practice. Want to know and learn more about it? Read on.
Astral projection was introduced in the 20th century and has started to spread its roots far and wide. People have numerous doubts and questions about astral projection. Many want to learn and master the techniques of this state of mind. Let us tell you, it's not for everybody.
You should have a strong will power to keep trying persistently to implement anything and everything you discover about this art. Astral projection is the art of leaving the real body and the real world and entering into the astral plane.
The astral plane is a plane of existence of angels, demons and other non-materialistic beings; and its description may differ from person to person. Occult science believes that this experience occurs under extraordinary conditions such as near death experience, lucid dreams or it can be induced by meditation.
Meditation is one of the strongest techniques used for inducing an out-of-body experience. You have to be immensely focused to be able to learn this technique. Those who are scared or have doubts about it can be assured that no harm is caused during astral projection.

Astral Projection Tips

The prerequisite for beginning astral projection is overall relaxation. Relaxing mind and body in every way proves beneficial when trying this technique. Wear comfortable and loose clothes, be in a quiet surrounding where no one can disturb you, remove any kind of jewelry.
The room temperature should be a little lower than you normally prefer (a very comfortable situation may put you to complete sleep). The room should be covered with blinds but do not make it pitch black. Lie down such that your body is aligned with the north-south axis of the earth, with your head pointing towards the magnetic north.
Now, begin relaxing and regulating your breathing through the nose and half-opened mouth. Concentrate and believe in what you are doing and start with one of the techniques that you are well acquainted with.
The astral plane does not appear the same to everyone. Each and everyone's astral plane depends on his upbringing. The culture, religion, beliefs, traditions, customs, environment, etc. in which the person has grown up has influence on the appearance of the astral plane in which the person travels.
Hence, it is incorrect to compare or falsify any claims made by an astral projector regarding his astral plane. It is believed that while you are astral projecting, you are being guided through the surroundings by some unknown driving force. This guide can be of any shape or size which has been one of the most important entity of your life.
It may be an animal, a person, an angel or it can be a mere voice. Again, the existence of the guide largely depends on your overall background in the real world. The 1998 released movie, 'What Dreams May Come', starring Robin Williams tries to render a rough sketch about this fact.
Astral projection for the right reasons benefits more than when used for the wrong ones. It is a great way to gain knowledge, expand the realm of thoughts and most importantly it leads to self-development. Hope you make the most of it and wish you a successful astral experience!