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Astral Projection Techniques

Debopriya Bose Sep 29, 2018
Astral projection refers to the practice of consciously separating one's mind from the body. This requires immense control and focus of the mind. Here are a few techniques that can help one to undergo this out-of-the-body experience...
Astral projection refers to the separation of the mind from the physical body.
It sounds simple, doesn't it? But then why isn't it the same as meditation? It sometimes makes use of meditation. However, it is different from it in the fact that through astral projection, a man can make his conscious awareness travel 'out' of his body and view the world from an independent and objective point of view.
According to the believers, every night as we sleep, our thoughts, consciousness, and feelings enter the world of the unknown - the astral plane. Although this happens while we sleep, these techniques have been developed that allow us to explore this state with conscious effort.
Just as you must have thought, mainstream science dismisses the possibility of an astral body, as they view it in contradiction with the laws of physics. Nevertheless, there are groups of people who have testified to have practiced it and some even claim to have mastered it.
In fact, this technique is considered as an effective relaxation technique when the body is completely relaxed and the mind is focused on one particular object. Probably it is this training of the mind that makes it so difficult to achieve.
There are many easy techniques that can help one enter the astral world. However, all the techniques have a few basic requirements, which are based on the idea of being relaxed in a peaceful environment. Ensure that you have a quiet environment where there would be no disturbance. Wear loose, comfortable clothes and have a comfortable place to sit or lie on.

# 1 - Visualization

Lie down on your back on a soft bed or mat. Straighten your arms and legs so that they are aligned with the body. Let your body relax. Now close your eyes and let your mind slip into the state between sleep and being awake. Although this would be a hazy zone of consciousness, do not lose control over your mind. Visualize yourself outside your body.
Imagine that you are standing outside your body, several feet away, looking back at your physical entity lying in bed. Try to focus on this visualization strongly in your mind, and hold it for as long as possible.
This is difficult as you would often see your astral body being pulled back into the physical body. To prevent this, try walking your astral body away from the physical body.

# 2 - Energy Raising

Lie down in a comfortable bed facing the ceiling. Relax completely. Imagine you are composed of pure energy. Let that energy vibrate, slowly at first and gradually increasing in frequency. Feel this energy and its vibration in every part of the body.
Let the energy build up slowly in your body. When you feel the energy is strong enough, release it all of a sudden, allowing it to explode out of the top of your head like a stream of consciousness. With this release, you will attain an astral body.

# 3 - Enter the Double

Lie down completely relaxed with eyes closed. Imagine a double of you hovering about 5 feet above you. This visualization of your double should be stable and parallel to your body. Once you have attained a strong visualization of this, transfer your consciousness into the double.
Try to imagine how it would be to be inside the double and looking at things in the room from that height, including your body in the bed below. Try to hold your consciousness inside this double as it would try to slip back into your physical body.

# 4 - Staring

Place an armchair in front of a mirror. Light a candle by the side of the armchair. Switch off the lights and sit in the armchair. Cut out a disc of 1 inch diameter out of a orange cardboard. Stick this disc in the center of your forehead and stare at the reflection of this disc in the mirror without blinking.
Start with one minute and increase the duration to five minutes. In the beginning you would find your consciousness moving back and forth between your body and its image in the mirror. However, with practice you would be able to feel your consciousness transferring from your physical body to its reflection in the mirror and staying there for longer periods.

# 5 - Feeling Heavy/Light

Lie down in a completely relaxed position with your eyes closed. Imagine your body becoming heavy. Concentrate on every fiber of your muscle and feel the weight on every part of your body.
Let this heaviness increase till you can't bear it any more. Then suddenly imagine that you have become light, almost weightless. With the sudden change in feeling you would feel you consciousness rising up and leaving your body.
Studies by scientists have shown that there are certain brain frequencies at which the mind can execute astral projection. Termed as astral frequencies; beginners may find it difficult to follow these techniques. However, it can be made easy by the use of binaural beats. These beats help the mind reach the astral frequencies and aids the body to relax.
These techniques are difficult to master as it needs a lot focus and training of the mind. Do not expect results immediately. Give yourself at least a week to see any result whatsoever. Also, it is important to understand that the astral realm is vast.
The Internet is a great place from which one can get lots of information and free projection techniques. Try out a couple of techniques. Soon you would realize which technique suits you best, as a technique that works for one may not be suitable for another.