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30 Best Weapons for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

Vibhav Gaonkar May 10, 2019
Are you obsessed with zombies? Are you afraid of confronting a zombie outbreak? Don't worry, you have come to the right place for help. Refer to a list of weapons you would require to evade a zombie apocalypse, as given here.

They're Coming to Get You!

Zombie walks are organized in several parts of the world, the most famous locations being Toronto, San Francisco, Chicago, and Detroit. A Zombie Walk  is basically a public event, wherein people dress like zombies and lurch around on the streets and public spaces.
(Warning: Never let a zombie bite you, or you would turn into one yourself.)
To get rid of zombies, there are important things you need to remember. Firstly, when a zombified corpse attacks, he'll go right for your head; zombies enjoy dishes like brain barbecue, stir fried brain in black-bean sauce, brain soup, etc., which means, the brain is the main ingredient here.
So, you either give a brain or take a brain! When attacking a zombie, aim and fire directly on its head, and make sure it is shattered to pieces. The only part active in zombies is their brain, and hence, it needs to be destroyed in order to terminate this creature. Secondly, when dealing with a zombie apocalypse, always conserve resources. 
Each bullet and even the last piece of your canned tuna, is very crucial for your survival. Don't feel creepy, just be aware; they're coming, don't leave your windows and doors open. Look at some good zombie apocalypse weapons and utility tools listed ahead and rush to get the ones you would need. Fulfill one of your most desired wishes or maybe your last.
This content is a work of fiction, and intended for entertainment purposes only.

Best Weapons for a Zombie Apocalypse


You are surely going to need a 9mm handgun, at least.

Pump Shotgun

This will blow their heads off.


Zombies are attracted to sound, so this one's silent but deadly.

Shotgun (with magazine)

This is for when you don't have time to reload.

Mini Handgun

This mini handgun could go into your socks.

Electric Fence

If you think they would ambush your home, kill them with a 120 V electric shock.


A taser won't really kill a zombie, but it would surely leave it stunned.


Too many zombies approaching? Light 'em up.

Zombie Repellent

If you don't find a place to plug it in, take some on your palm and rub it all over you.

Zombie Immobilizer

Girls, pepper spray won't work for these monsters. Keep a small bottle of this spirit handy, and a big one at home.


Set some traps for them around your hideout, but don't get trapped yourself.

Spiked Shoes

If a zombie has clasped you tightly, kick him with these spikes. There is one for the ladies too, and ladies know exactly where to kick.

Utility Equipment to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Utility Backpack

You'll have to do some serious packing for the zombie tour. Hence a backpack.

Canned Food

Tunas and sardines go along; and don't forget to take some canned blueberries too.

Energy Drinks

This is the thing that would help you run during a chase.

Portable Water Purifier

You ain't going to find any bottled water in the woods.

Heat Mapper

Zombies are too dangerous, but they are also hot! This is the perfect gadget to spot hiding zombies.

Night Vision Goggles

You know exactly what these shades are meant for.

LED Flashlight

Don't need to say anything about this one too; a must-have tool for any expedition.

Smart Watch

A smart watch for some GPS help, so that you don't get lost or cornered in no-man's land.

Solar Charger

Time to power up your phone to talk to your loved ones; could be for the last time though.


A lighter can do many things, right from lighting your cigarette to a Molotov, or even a campfire.

Climbing Rope

Make sure to pull this up after you're done climbing that ledge. Stop assuming that zombies are dumb!

Cognac Flask

This is gentleman stuff. But you could carry some to keep you warm on a chilly night.

Toilet Paper

Well, for nature's call.

First Aid Kit

In case of an accident or a bite.

Zombie Antidote

If you're bitten take a shot of ZA. But just one, or you'll turn into one.


This is where you're going to stay during the apocalypse. Fully-furnished, maple wood flooring, indoor pool, clubhouse, and a personal gym, are things that you won't find here. Get used to surviving.

Zombie Stickers

Who said zombies can't read? If they eat brains they should have some too. Try sticking some of these outside your hideout.

4x4 Jeep

A monster for those demons. You could surely use this all-terrain jeep to explore nearby zombielands.
So now that you have the perfect list of weapons to survive a zombie apocalypse, go shopping and experience the apocalypse better. You're surely going to enjoy busting their damn heads off.