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Dreams That Changed the World

Claire Brain Sep 28, 2019
Our dreams are mysterious and can be really powerful. Nobody can explain why some make such an impact on us and influence our conscious minds just as much as our subconscious. Some dreams have even changed the world as we know it, by inspiring science, literature and music. You might be surprised at what all just started as a dream.

Paul McCartney - Yesterday

One of the most famous songs by 'The Beatles', the melody for 'Yesterday' came to Paul McCartney through a dream. It was so vivid he was sure he must have heard it somewhere, but it seems this was power of his dream. It went on to be the 4th most royalty-paying song ever, & there have been over 2,200 cover versions made. That's a popular tune!

Albert Einstein, Theory of Relativity

Dreams have helped scientists see with their subconscious than conscious mind. Dreaming helps 'out of the box' ideas. Albert Einstein dreamt of sledging down a mountain, leading him to the 'theory of relativity'.

Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

A dream or nightmare? The now-famous 'Frankenstein's monster' was born from Mary Shelley's nightmare and has featured in many nightmares since! The original text is adapted many times, and the story created by countless TV, film, and playwriters.

Neils Bohr, Structure of Atom

After struggling to understand structure of atom for some time, the answer suddenly came to Neils Bohr in a dream. This discovery redefined our knowledge about the world.

Larry Page, Google

These days, we can't imagine anything without Google. But before it existed, it was in Larry Page's dreams. He downloaded entire web onto his computer which inspired him to create Google, which currently deals with around 5.6 billion searches per day.

Double Helix Structure of DNA, James Watson

The double helix structure of DNA came to James Watson in a dream. The idea seemed so ludicrous in the scientific community that it was almost suppressed. Perhaps Watson's subconscious allowed him to think beyond to discover something incredible.

Could Your Dreams Change the World?

These examples demonstrate the importance of dreams, as they really can set incredible things in motion. Could your dreams change the world? Make sure you pay attention when you wake up, in case you've found the answers you've always been looking for.