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Haunted Places in England

Manali Oak May 10, 2019
Haunted places are believed to house ghostly and supernatural beings. People report to have seen ghosts and spirits appear on these locations. Here is a look at some of the famous haunted places in England.
It is believed that we are surrounded by both positive and negative energies. While the positive vibes generate positive feelings like those of happiness and sanctity, negative energies can lead to feelings of fear or gloom.
Certain places have something about them, that makes a visitor experience feelings of unexplained fear or sorrow or visiting them. At times, it's to do with the history of who inhabited or visited that place. At times it's folklore that labels a place as ghostly or haunted.
Haunted locations are believed to be haunted with ghosts or other supernatural beings. Perhaps, the negative energies acting in such locations give them an aura of fright and horror. There are many such places around the world. They are 'infamously famous' for housing horror. Let us look at some of the haunted places in England.
Pluckley in Kent, is regarded as the most haunted location in England. Ghosts such as a phantom coach and horses, a highwayman, and a colonel are believed to appear in this village. In 1998, this village was enlisted in the Guinness Book of World Records, as the most haunted village in England.
50 Berkeley Square is famous as the most haunted house in England. Haunted houses are considered as centers of supernatural or paranormal occurrences. They are believed to be home to ghosts, poltergeists, and demons.
Airfields, which surround England, include the RAF Bircham Newton in Norfolk, the RAF East Kirkby in Lincolnshire, and the RAF Elsham Wolds and former RAF Tibenham in Norfolk. It is believed that ghosts of the martyrs of the Second World War inhabit the airfield areas. Paranormal activity is believed to occur in the surroundings of the airfields.
Closed-circuit television that uses video cameras to transmit signals had once captured a white figure near Belgrave Hall in Leicester. Some believe that this figure was the ghost of the daughter of one of the former owners of the house.
The very famous Windsor Castle has been home to the royal families of Britain, for 1000 long years. People claim to have seen the spirit of Queen Elizabeth I in this castle.
They have also reported to have seen Anne Boleyn, the mother of the queen, run across the corridors in the castle. Other ghosts seen here include King George VI and William Gladstone.
Bomere Pool, located near the village of Bayston Hill, is believed to house an old ghost of a Roman soldier. People report of seeing him on Easter Day every year, in search of his love.
The main criminal court in London, known as the Old Bailey, is another famous haunted place in England. Judges, lawyers, and policemen have reported to have seen a ghostly figure appear in the court on days of important trials.
These were some of the most known haunted places in England. The locals would know more. While some believe in this concept, some disregard it as false belief.