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Mythical Creatures From Folklore That Live in Your Home

Amy Hunt Jul 18, 2019
Mythical creatures and spirits have long been a vital part of the cultural fabric of many societies around the world. Belief in otherworldly forces and supernatural beings have featured in local folklore and stories that have been passed down the generations. Which of these mythical creatures do you share your home with?
You may know of the usual suspects such as dragons, centaurs and elves, but you might not be familiar with the spirits and mythical creatures that live in your home. Some can bring great fortune, others will help with the household chores, while some will scare you into submission...

Baku - Japanese Folklore

If you are having a nightmare, you would ask the Baku to come and eat your bad dream, three times in a row. If the Baku was listening, it would come and eat your nightmare.
However, if the Baku was still hungry, it may go on to eat your other dreams, leaving you with no hopes and aspirations.

Domovoy - Slavic Folklore

The Domovoy will help around the house, will look after your children and animals and won't ask for much in return.
With a long beard and generally quite hairy, it's said they can foresee the future, so be sure to listen carefully if you hear them.

Brownie - Scottish Folklore

Brownies are nocturnal creatures with brown, mottled skin and are generally quite ugly.
Don't be fooled by their frail appearance though, Brownies will help around the house while you sleep. Try not to upset one though!

Zashiki Warashi - Japanese Folklore

Zashiki Warashi are small, ghost-like children that can only be seen by the homeowner of the house.
They can be mischievous at times, but generally are fun-loving spirits that will sing and play games.

Banshee - Irish Folklore

Banshee's are known for their piercing shrieks and they herald the death of a family member with intense weeping and crying.
The sight and sound of a Banshee would signify that someone is about to die or has died.

Boggart - English Folklore

Often referred to as the Bogeyman, the Boggart is a sinister creature said to be a manifestation of all your fears.
The Boggart can turn nasty and will stop at nothing to terrorise you and your family... Even to the point of stealing your children!

Nisse - Norwegian Folklore

Nisse present themselves as little old men with long beards.
They'll help around the house and are useful on a farm, where they'll look after the animals - with a particular fondness for horses. All they ask for in return is your respect and a bowl of porridge on Christmas eve.

Matagot - French Folklore

Many superstitions honour the black cat, in France they're known as Matagot. A wealth-bringing creature that will bring riches to a household, but only if they're treated well with fresh food and a comfy bed.