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Ouija Board Rules

Ouija Board Rules
Do you want to try out some spooky stuff? Something that is out of this world? How about playing with the Ouija board? Here are some Ouija board rules you will have to follow while playing with it.
Rajib Singha
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Before spooking about the rules, let me give a brief introduction as to what the Ouija board is all about. The mid 1800s saw the invention of the Ouija board as a means of parlor game. It is also known as a talking or a spirit board. According to spiritualists, it can be used as a medium to start a communication with the dead or the spirit world. The board is marked with letters, numbers, and other symbols which are used to communicate with spirits. There is a pointer known as a planchette, which is usually heart shaped and made of wood, plastic, or glass. It is believed to move on the board and spell out the spirit's message.
Dos and Don'ts
  • Place and Atmosphere:
    You are already playing a spooky game, so there is no need to choose a spooky place, like a graveyard or a place where a death has occurred, as it might result in undesirable manifestations. So, be at home and play safe. Darken the room and turn off any electronic appliances to minimize distractions and to improve reception. Draw a circle around you and the board, and light some candles on the border of the circle surrounding you. A well-lit area is believed to ward off evil spirits.
  • Players:
    A male and female pair is always considered ideal for playing this game. Playing alone is an absolute no-no. Some believe that a lone person may get possessed by the demon, while some think that having no one to share the experience may drive the person crazy or mentally disturbed. Whatever the reason may be, always remember that two is better than one.
  • Planchette:
    Both the persons must place their fingers on the planchette with light pressure. Resting the fingers too heavily on the pointer might interfere with its movements. You can deliberately move the pointer around in a circle for a moment to warm it up. The indication of a spirit being contacted is given by the planchette moving to the four corners of the board.
  • Questionnaire:
    Anyone may ask questions during the game, but according to the rules of this game, there should be only one person who should be throwing the questions. This helps in avoiding confusion. After having asked the question, wait patiently for the planchette to show any movement. It is advisable to maintain a grave attitude while asking the questions. Mocking expressions or taking the session as a matter of joke can hinder the process of the game or annoy the spirit. It is also important that you respond after the whole message has been conveyed. So, do not assume or try to guess the answer. For best results, try asking close-ended questions which require answers in 'yes' or 'no'.
  • Control:
    Do not let the session take control of you. You may be flattered by the answers that you receive from the spirits and you can never distinguish a good spirit from a bad. So, just listen to the answers but do not take them for real or let them affect your thinking.
Some Other Rules
  • Have respect towards any spirit which you come across. Do not try to have fun with them by asking annoying questions.
  • It is better not to ask for any physical signs about the spirit being real or present.
  • Do not let the pointer count down the numbers or the alphabet. It is believed that doing so might allow the spirit to escape from the board.
  • Many experienced users vouch for placing a silver coin on the board. This metal is believed to prevent evil spirits from coming through and protect you from them. Even wearing a silver locket around the neck serves as a weapon against evil spirits.
  • As there is no way you can say if the spirit is evil or not, it is better to be on the safer side. Mention nothing which relates to God. It may result in smashing of glasses, shaking of things, and the like. In other words, do not make the spirit angry.
  • Yet another important rule of the Ouija board is to say a proper goodbye. Thank the spirit for communicating with you and bid it goodbye in a respectful voice. Once you have wished the spirit peace and bid farewell, the planchette must slide to the 'Goodbye' on the board. There might be instances wherein the spirit may try to stick around and does not want to leave. In such a case, utter the words 'goodbye and leave' in a stern voice and pass the planchette through the flame of a candle.
  • There must be no flaw in closing the Ouija board after having used it, as the spirit might still be present and it might have a negative impact on your life.
If you are a novice in this game, then I am certain that the rules must have spooked you out a bit. So jot them down, follow them well, and have a spooky time with your friends in the silence of the night. Boo!