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Things You Never Knew About Satanic Cults

Swapnil Srivastava Sep 27, 2018
It's faith which makes a man do things which are otherwise considered to be impossible. Whether for God or Satan, the belief molds one's mind and his way of thinking, and is the nutrition to keep his soul alive. Here are some interesting facts about satanic cults.
All the religions in this world, whether Christianity, Islam, or Hinduism, accept the existence of demonic powers and their influence on human minds. It is believed that if at all one lives in sin, Satan lives in him, providing a thousand different ways for self-destruction on account of indulgence, instead of abstinence.
But if one lives in grace, God lives in him, protecting him from the Satanic cults. The virtues of conventional morality are sometimes not able to withstand the blasphemous drives of desire, leading to the most destructive forms of evil.
These may seem to be very lucrative in the first look, providing a break-free solution from the banal conventions of rights and wrongs, but very often leads to practices which are not considered ethical by the society.

The Church of Satan

The Church of Satan was founded by Anton C. LeVey in the year 1966, on the feast of Walpurgisnacht, which is a celebrated occasion of Witchcraft. The ideas of LeVey reflected the dark side of human imagination and personal pleasure. These cults were very different from the conservative points indicated by the Christian concept of Satan.
By the year 1980, these cults gained influence and the followers increased in numbers. From 1980 to 1990, panic spread all around the US, that there are many secret Satanic cults involved in Satanic ritual abuse, and sacrificing hundreds of children and adults.
There are many kinds of Satanism based on the mentality of the followers. These followers range from merely symptomatic of sexual unrest and moral rebellion among young people, to those mentally unbalanced serial killers who murder and sacrifice their victims for Satan.

The Black Mass

A black mass is organized by the followers of Satan, in order to gain power and influence. It is supposed to exhibit a nude woman, in the form of an altar. The celebration involves playing loud music, all kinds of obscenities, cursing Jesus, and honoring Satan.
The fake priests dressed as real ones end the black mass often by stepping or spitting on the cross. Words like 'Hail Satan' and 'Shemhaforash' are also used as a strong form of emotions and expressions of hatred towards Jesus.

Satanic Cults and Music

The church has always considered heavy metal music as a booster dose for the dark and often obscured human emotions. The famous songs Revolution 9 by The Beatles, and Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, when black-masked, are supposed to deliver the message of Satan.
These records are generally based on the same principle, and make listeners feel frenzy and hysterical. The volume is chosen to be above 7 decibels in order to get a particular influence on youngsters.

Famous Symbols and Sabbaths

Satanic cults, like any other religion, have their own symbols and ways of celebration. One of the most famous symbols is a pentagram, which is a normal five-pointed star. Number 666, upside-down cross, Quarter moon and star, inverted swastika, and inverted cross with a broken arm are also considered by many followers as a symbol of Satan.
The Quarter Moon and star is meant to represent and worship the Goddess Diana and Lucifer. The major festivals celebrated by Satanists are Candelmas (February 1), Belante (May1), Lammas (August 1), Summer Solstice (June 21), Samhain (October 31), Spring Equinox (March 21), and Fall Equinox (September 23).
However small, Satanists have a community of their own, and they claim themselves to be the unique manifestation of the Satan. They believe in him as much as a religious fanatic believes his God.
In a society which is formed on the pillars of cultures and values, the acts performed by Satanists on the pretext of purification are considered abhorrent. Faith and belief in any form, are not formed overnight, and should be respected if they are not dangerous for mankind.