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Supernatural Mysteries in Bermuda Triangle

Supernatural Mysteries in Bermuda Triangle
Bermuda Triangle is a triangular region in the Atlantic Ocean that is believed to be associated with mysterious powers. Big ships and huge aircraft have often mysteriously disappeared while traveling over this region in the Atlantic. Let us go through some supernatural mysteries associated with the Bermuda Triangle.
Manali Oak
Deep somewhere, in the northwestern region of the Atlantic Ocean, perhaps there exists a supernatural energy that engulfs massive bodies that come in contact with it. Yes, I am referring to the Bermuda Triangle, which is known to have caused a number of vessels and aircraft to disappear and has come to be known as the Devil's Triangle.
Many have attributed the disappearing acts to extraterrestrial beings. Others believe there are supernatural powers causing this. One of the main reasons for associating the paranormal or supernatural element with these incidents is that, researchers have mostly failed in tracing these disappearances.
In spite of detailed investigations of the incidents occurring in the Bermuda Triangle region, science has not been able to explain the exact reasons behind the disappearing of aircraft and ships.
Supernatural Mysteries surrounding the Bermuda Triangle
Greek mythology has stories of a continent called Atlantis that was lost. The leftover technological applications such as anti-gravity devises and other weird technologies of the region of Atlantis are believed as being responsible for the mysterious disappearing of airplanes and ships in the Bermuda Triangle. Many writers proclaim that the mysteries surrounding the Bermuda Triangle are a result of the activities of UFOs.
The mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle
Mysterious incidents have been taking place in the Bermuda Triangle region of the Atlantic. Most instances of the disappearing of ships and aircraft could not be tracked to scientific phenomena or human error. The incidents bore an element of mystery as the causes behind the happenings could not be deciphered. There are records of quite a few incidents that can be called supernatural mysteries in the Bermuda Triangle.
One of the mishaps that dates back to 1918, was one of the greatest losses of life in the history of the US Navy. In March 1918, USS Cyclops carrying a crew of 309 departed from the island of Barbados, after which it disappeared. Some say enemy activities or natural disasters were reasons behind this mishap but no conclusive results have yet been obtained.
Flight 19, a training flight carrying bombers disappeared on December 15, 1945. The flight that began under the control of an experienced pilot was found missing while it was traveling over the Atlantic Ocean. There were no known records of the flight having to face problems. But some say that the control dials had started working in an erratic manner. However, the exact reason behind the disappearing of this flight is still unknown.
The other mysterious supernatural stories revolving around the Bermuda Triangle include, the disappearing of a schooner named Carroll A. Deering and that of a Douglas DC-3 aircraft while flying from Puerto Rico to Miami. The exact reasons behind both the ill-fated events could not be found through investigation or research.
Occurrences of such mysterious events like sudden disappearing of vessels and aircraft have left everyone puzzled. Mysterious disappearing of ships and airplanes led people to believe in the presence of supernatural powers in the Bermuda Triangle region.
Science has failed to ascertain either human mistakes or any natural phenomenon causing these mishaps. This has given rise to a common belief that supernatural powers may be involved in the Bermuda Triangle mysteries. Till scientific research brings out concrete reasons behind the unfortunate incidents that take place in the Bermuda Triangle region, the world will continue to attribute them to supernatural powers.