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What are Supernatural Orbs?

Manali Oak Nov 18, 2018
What are supernatural orbs? Are orbs a paranormal phenomenon? They are a typical to photography that uses flash. But due to their appearance, they are perceived as having a paranormal element and are sometimes considered as spirits or ghosts.
Photographically, an orb is a circular artifact that sometimes leaves a trail and one of its known causes is the reflection of light from solid or liquid particles. They typically occur as white or semi-transparent circles. Their resemblance with circles of light makes people believe that they have a supernatural origin.
Perhaps, their appearance gave them the name supernatural orbs. They are believed to possess a supernatural energy which gives them the form of a bright light that moves across the skies.
Some believe supernatural orbs as the means for spirits to manifest themselves. They appear as sparks, beads, or flash of bright light, can be captured in cameras or seen by naked eye. People consider them as spirits who glide in the air guiding or following them.
Some believe that supernatural orbs are spirits of their loved ones watching them. They are believed to be souls of people, once alive. Spiritual orbs are also said to possess the ability to communicate with worldly beings by sending thoughts through various media.
People claim to have been able to photograph orbs. They give accounts of having seen them with naked eyes and produce evidences of having captured orbs in their cameras. Some believe that orbs come to the churches on Sundays to listen to prayers.
It is still a mystery whether orbs are paranormal. Recent discussions have considered a possibility of them having an 'otherworldly' origin and their not resulting from faulty cameras.
Researchers have based their views on paranormal orbs, on the fact that not everything that exists is visible to the human eye. But it nevertheless exists. Some examples include the different types of electromagnetic radiations that are beyond the spectrum of visibility of a human eye.
On similar lines, the formerly invisible orbs could have come in the human range of visibility. Some have said that orbs may have a supernatural or spiritual origin and that they may be visible to only some people.
Skeptics believe that orbs are formed due to dust particles that scatter light. They believe that orbs are only reflections from certain objects or that they are images that can be observed from a particular angle of the eye or camera lens.
If one is to deny any supernatural association of orbs, they can be considered as miracles that result from light waves. While some disagree with the proposition that orbs are a paranormal phenomenon, many give accounts of having seen them traveling during the night and of having photographed them.
Believe it or not, supernatural elements continue to accompany the worldly things. It is the human mind that has created a paranormal world.