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The Mystery of Crop Circles and Alien Messages

Priya Johnson May 16, 2019
Crop circles first made their appearance in the late 1600s, however, gained attention in 1975, when one was found in a field in England. Are crop circles a form of land art, a hoax, or are they hidden messages from supernatural beings?

Crop Circles - Hoax or Hidden Message

No conclusive evidence is available to prove that the crop circles are made by extra-terrestrial beings.

On the other hand, there is enough evidence that also suggests a high level of unknown, enough to prevent them from being passed off as a hoax.

Crop Circles - Land Art

Crop circles seem to appear overnight. Even if they were to be brushed off as pranks, their designs are so intricate that they seem impossible to create overnight.

Farmers who found them in their fields are equally baffled and testify of not knowing anything about their appearance.

Crop Circle Creation Attempt

In 2002, a team of students from M.I.T, were asked to create a crop circle with equipment and detailed prior-studying, but still failed to create their crop circle in 4 hours of the night.

This doesn’t prove aliens are responsible for crop circles, but it definitely proves that crop circles cannot be easily made by a bunch of pranksters.

What Do Scientists Have to Say?

Dr. Horace Drew who was a molecular biologist in CSIRO, has devoted 20 years of his life to studying crop circles. He is convinced they are part of supernatural activity but admits many are man-made pranks as well.

The general consensus among scientists is that crop circles are of human-origin.

Man-Made vs. Alien Crop Circles

According to Dr. Drew, there are a few ways to differentiate between man-made and alien crop circles.

The supernaturally-made ones show bending of wheat shafts to form the pattern by some energy like that of microwaves. They aren’t forcefully crushed by a machine or vehicle.

Are Crop Circles Hidden Messages?

An in-depth study of the crop circle patterns reveals hidden messages and codes. However, no one has so far been able to decode the messages in the crop circles.

According to Dr. Drew, the patterns aren’t necessarily for us. He says the crop circles may be markers made by them to identify time periods for their own purpose.
Crop circles remain an unsolved mystery as of today and continue to elude everyone from scientists to common-man. Hopefully one day we’ll have this interesting mystery unravelled!