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Do You Know What it Means to Have the Bear as a Spirit Animal?

What Does it Mean to Have the Bear as a Spirit Animal?
There are several connotations to have an animal as a spirit animal. This belief of having a spirit animal is original to the Native Americans, many who belong to Africa, the Middle East, an also some parts of Asia. We shall seek an answer to the underlying inquisitiveness of the concept of the 'Bear' as a spirit animal.
Samarpita Choudhury
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
If you've been incessantly having visions of a certain animal in your dreams, know that the animal is your spirit animal, who is trying to communicate to you.

Spirit animals are not mere animals who exist like any other animal on this planet. They have a purpose and a mission. They embark on a journey to provide us with a more meaningful life and existence.
No one on the Earth can ever be able to foresee what the future holds. But our actions are constantly evaluated, and we too have something meaningful to do in our lives. But how do we know what the purpose of our life is, and what is to be done on our part? We can seek answers to such mind-boggling questions if we sharpen our senses and observe what goes on in our vicinity. The answers lie in our surroundings, and we just need to 'see' them and mobilize our ability to recognize them.
One Native American belief is that, there are spirit animals who are supposed to provide us with these meaningful answers. Traditionally, they are known as 'totem'. They are an embodiment of complex meanings and purposes. They are believed to be a representative of men, their characteristic traits, their behavior, and their persona. Spirit animals also are loaded with various messages which are meant for us, which could be tasks that we should bring to pass, or simply information we ought to know. There are multifarious spirit animals. Let's take a closer look at the 'Bear' as a spirit animal, which will make the 'bear spirit animal' meaning clearer to understand.
Personality of the Bear as a Spirit Animal
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In order to infer the deep meanings associated with the mighty animal, the bear, as a spirit animal, it is important to remind ourselves about the nature and behavior it exhibits. In doing so, we have to consider the nature of hibernation, which is a primary trait of this animal. In order to hibernate during the long and cold winter stretches, the bear stores fat during the hot summer months. This is a biological trait that is practiced due to biological needs. But talking in terms of analysis from the angle of spirituality, it denotes the tendency of the animal to make long-term goals. It also means that the bear is well aware of the onset of winter, when it will have to survive without an intake of food for months altogether. Therefore, to survive that, it stores fat within its body. This implies the qualities of wisdom and foresight that bears are gifted with.
The bear is an epitome of might and power. With might comes power. Power to decide, power to perform, power to stand against all odds, and power to survive. And with power comes respect. Respect and reverence can never be owned or inherited. It comes through our own actions. It is thus earned. The bear is considered to be one of the most powerful creatures in the wild. It is respected for its power and for its fearlessness. To have a bear as a spirit animal denotes that the person is inherited with the above characteristics. He/she has the ability to mobilize things in the right direction. The person, therefore, is a respectable person, and a recipient of positive public attention.
In order to understand the healing properties of a bear, we should understand that mammals are incapable of healing their wounds and scars when their body temperatures is even a degree lower than normal. We also know that bears hibernate. During hibernation, their body temperature drops, and they are devoid of any food or water. What we ought to know here is, even in such stringent conditions, bears have this magical power to heal their wounds all by themselves. Therefore, bears are also believed to be healers. They are believed to heal us from our state of sufferings, bodily or otherwise. If there is someone to whom a bear has shown up, in some form, it is a message for him to tend to himself, to take care of things that have been hurting since long. It is a signal to direct courage and energy in the required direction, rather than spill it over.
Courage is a strong term in itself. It is concealed from none that, half the battle is won when we are over our fear. It is rightly said, 'a coward dies several times before his death.' We all acknowledge this, but are still rooted to that fear of the unknown. The fear of losing, fear of falling, fear of perishing, and fear to be lost in nothingness! A bear, as a spirit animal, comes to liberate us from this fear. When there is something vital which needs to be done by us, and we defer it, or simply put it on the backseat owing the fear we have, the bear shows us the path. It tells us to do what is to be done. It reestablishes us with the truth of life, with reality, and with the virtues and principles we need to adhere to. Bears represent that undaunted fighting spirit which guides us for miles.
Guardian and Teacher
In this context, it is noteworthy that, the polar bear, as a spirit animal, denotes the goodness of a guardian and a teacher. The bear is also known for its ability to lead and guide people. A female bear is known to be a highly affectionate and responsible mother. She tends to protect her cubs against all odds. Therefore, considering the above traits, it is thus believed that to have a bear as a spirit animal would liberate one from calamities and adversities, and also guide one to the right path.

On a different note, it also means that the sight of a bear instills the virtue of leadership and guidance. It enables a person to take a position in life that calls for leading people in the right direction, for the right job.
This characteristic helps the person remain grounded, and evaluate the possibilities and instances of his own life. The bear is a solitary being. Thus, a person who is guided by the bear wants solitude and his own time, to remain aloof and examine the happenings of his life. He draws the strength from within to face the adversities and deal with the hurdles all by himself. Hence, anyone with the big bear as a spirit animal has to work on his own to make things fall in place, because he himself is capable of making things right.
The bears hold tremendous significance in its existence as a spirit animal, or a spirit guide. They are the carriers of magical powers that can liberate man from his state of instability. We just can't nullify the essence of having a spirit animal. We are too trifle to overlook the vision of them. They will sooner or later make their presence felt in our lives, and will eventually communicate to us what needs to be communicated. They are spirit animals, and are here to free our spirits of trauma and burden. They are responsible for opening our minds to that enlightenment which we yearn to have. The day we learn about our spirit animal, and the message they have for us from the celestial world, we shall draw closer to salvation, to Nirvana.
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