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A Damn Scary Post: Terrifying Types of Demons and Their Powers

Types of Demons and Their Powers
When we talk about the supernatural realm, a reference to angels and demons is but natural. Demons can be termed to be negative spirits that can stalk us emotionally, mentally, and physically, preying on us for spiritual gains. We will discuss the various types of demons and the powers they possess.
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Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
May I Come In?
Demons need a open door or a portal that is some kind of an entry point into a person's life. They cannot enter, possess, or torment without that individual's permission.
The word 'demon' is derived from the ancient Greek word 'daimōn', meaning a spirit or a divine power. This word initially did not carry the negativity of the present set of demons. Demons in today's world are supernatural and often malevolent entities. Their reference is found in all sacred and religious texts. In Christian demonology, a demon is an unclean spirit, a fallen angel, an unknown entity that cause demonic possession and can only be removed through exorcism.

In western occultism, a demon is a supernatural entity that has to be conjured and controlled with specific given tasks. The following are the various classification of the demons and their abilities according to various myths, beliefs, and religious texts.
Demon Hierarchy
Believe it or not, demons do have a hierarchy and a cosmic system. Given below are the various classifications.
Fallen Angels
The angels who rebelled against God with Satan are known as fallen angels. 'Satan' or 'Lucifer' was an angel known as 'Samael'―the angel of light―he became 'Lucifer' when he rebelled and was thrown down from heaven. Now, he is known as 'Abaddon'―the destroyer, and 'Apollyon'―the angel of the bottomless pit. The 'Seraphim' are the most powerful among the fallen angels.
Demon of Elements
Fiery Demons
These demons reside in the vast darkness of space and have least interest in the human realms. Their work is not yet defined for the human realm, they have no contact with the human race and work on a totally unknown secret agenda.
Aerial Demons
These demons always attempt to seek the destruction of mankind, they swarm the spirit world seeking an entry into the material world to attack humans.
Terrestrial Demons
These demons have settled on Earth, as they have been cast out of the heavenly realm. Often confused with shape-shifting creatures, they can take the animal as well as human form. If a terrestrial demon is killed on the earthly plane, then it dies supernaturally as well.
Aqueous Demons
These demons dwell in water bodies and take pleasure in drowning humans, especially children, they are often monsters that exist in deep seas, which destroy and drown ships.
Subterranean Demons
These demons live a very obscure life by dwelling in forgotten caves, they can be summoned to the surface only by disturbing their way of living.
Bound Demons
These demons are helper demons, they work under an occultist or a magician. They are bound to their master, and sometimes, they act as guides or protectors for places of treasure.
Abilities of a Demon
  • Power to torment mentally and physically. (Revelation 9:1-11; Luke 8:27-31)
  • Purposeful deception, create false reality. (Genesis 3:1-5,13)
  • Disguised as good spirits. (2 Corinthians 11:14-15)
  • Producing insanity; have great physical strength. (Luke 8:26-35)
  • Power over nature: Satan can produce whirlwinds, fire from heaven and great miracles in the presence of people. (Job 1:16-18; Revelation 13:13; Heb. 1:7, Psalm 104:4)
  • Power over the human body: Satan produces painful boils or welts, diseases. (Job 2:7)
  • Dumbness, blindness, epilepsy, attempted murder. (Genesis 19:11; Matthew 9:32-35; 12:22; :15,18)
  • Multiple possession; apparently seeking "rest" by possessing humans. (Luke 8:30; 11:24-26; Matthew 12:43-45)
  • Convulsions, child possession, mauling. (Luke 9:38-39)
  • Animal possession. (Matthew 8:30-32)
  • A limited prevision of the future; fortune-telling. (Acts 16:16).
  • Anger, great strength, and power. (2 Thessalonians. 2:7; 2 Pet. 2:11; Acts 19:16)
  • Treacherous nature, scheme wickedly, attack humans. (Ephesians. 6:10-16; Judges 9:23)
  • Provide supernatural revelations like telling the past and future. (Heb. 2:2; Acts 7:53; Gal. 3:19)
  • Ability to speak through an animal. (Genesis 3:1-5)
  • Can travel from one realm to another. (Job 1:7)
  • Projection of a false reality. (Matthew 4:8)
  • Ability to remove thoughts, to implant thoughts and to manipulate the mind. (John 13:2; Matthew 13:19, 38-39)
  • Deceive the nations with malicious plans. (Revelation 12:9; 20:7-8)
  • They are invisible, but there is an awareness of their presence. (Job 4:15)
  • Can take human form. (Genesis 19:1-10; John 20:12; Acts 12:8-9; Hebrews. 13:2)
  • Pagan rituals through occult practices and human sacrifice. (Deuteronomy 18:9-13)
  • Can transport human beings into surreal situations making them feel in supernatural falsity. (Matthew 24:31; Luke 16:22)
  • Limited ability over events and human actions. (1 Chronicles. 21:1; Dan. 10:13; 1 Thessalonians 2:18)
  • Child sacrifice and murder for rituals. (Psalm. 106:37)
  • Communicate by speech to humans. (1 Kings 13:18; Acts 23:9)
  • Vast in number. (Hebrews. 12:22; Matthew 26:53)
  • Speak to men; can control vocal cords, strike humans with paralysis and possession. (Luke 1:19-20)
  • Know and speak different languages. (1 Corinthians 13:1)
  • Preach a false gospel and deception about God. (1 Kings 22:19-23; Gal. 1:8; 1 Tim. 4:1; 1 John 4:1)
  • Give false visions and experiences. (Jeremiah. 23:16; Col. 2:18)
  • Can perform miracles. (Revelation 16:14)
What is Demonic Possession?
Demonic possession has been reported and has roots in many cultures and religious sects. The early case of possessions came from the Sumerian's who believed that 'sickness demons' caused a person to fall ill. Christian faith attributes possession to lower demons and fallen angels. A person can get possessed only when s/he gives the malevolent entity an entry into their life's ex―through Ouija board, seance, conjuring of demons, pact with Satan, black magic, and ritualistic practices. The signs of possession are when the victim talks and understands different languages, levitates and crawls on walls, has convulsions and fits, erased memory, change in personality, clairvoyance about people around him, hurts or injures oneself, and has superhuman strength. The only way out of this is an exorcism performed by religious heads.
Alphabetical List of Demons and their Powers
Another name for Satan, meaning 'The Destroyer'.
Gnostic supreme entity, ruler of all 365 heavens or circles of creation.
Possessing the shape of a mule or peacock, he is considered as high chancellor
of hell, president of high council of devils, and superintendent of demon kings wardrobe.
Appears riding a crocodile, governs thirty one legions and is said to make enemies flee. He teaches all languages, and makes earth spirits dance.
Another name for Devil in the Persian religion.
Fire demon, Duke of Hell, has command over 26 legions has 3 heads; a serpent, a man, and a cat.
A tormentor.
Teacher of astronomy and liberal arts, he has the head of a lion and rides as a knight. He is said to command over 36 legions.
Looks like a unicorn but comes as a human form when summoned. Has command over 29 legions and arrives with a trumpet sound, the trees are known to revere it.
Reconciler of friends, can predict past and future. Egyptian supreme blue-skinned god who appears as a wolf with a serpents tail, and in the human form, has the head of an owl and canine teeth.
Commander of 36 legions, a great president who appears in flames and teaches astrology.
Escalates quarrels and discord, travels on a black wolf, has face of an owl and body of an angel. Commands 36 legions.
Teacher of geometry, appears like a peacock, and raises a great noise.
Great and might Earl appears in the human form with a great serpent, it punishes thieves and wicked people.
A Sumerian mythical creature that lived in the realms of god.
Persian demon of wrath.
A grand duke who presides over 40 legions, appears as an ugly creature over a dragon with a viper. Summoned by magicians.
Goddess of fertility in many ancient cultures.
Semitic goat-headed demon God.
First King of Hell, appears with a human head, cat head, and toad head. Has 66 legions and teaches the art of invisibility.
Commands 40 legions, rides on a bear and has the face of a bull, a man, and a ram. He can predict past/present/future events.
Similar to the folklore of Robin Hood, he is an archer, has command over 30 legions. Teaches to decipher animal language and seeks hidden treasure.
A strong, great Duke, with serpent's tail, sitting on a pale horse. He teaches virtues of herbs and precious stones.
Prince of demons
Egyptian spirit of the desert.
Chief of all the devils
The God of biblical Moabites.
Indian demon with long crooked nails who watches over the souls who wander in the space of aerial demons.
President of Hell, and demon of second order. Commands 50 legions and moves by rolling himself, teacher of philosophy, logic and herbal medicine.
Hindu Goddess of Destruction.
A Greek vampire that fed on children born during Christmas and Epiphany.
Wise occupant and high president of Hell, he is known to be a teacher of communication with animals.
A Roman/Greek mythological creature that guarded the gates of hell.
Chinese vampire
Great and strong Duke with 48 legions in his command. He is known to teach controlling of water elements.
Zoroastrian demons
A great witch according to Iroquis mythology, who appeared like a whirlwind.
Giant evil spirits in Hindu mythology.
Goddess of Calicut, wears a crown has 4 horns on the head, and 4 crooked strong teeth in her mouth.
Grand Duke of Hell, he has 60 legions in his command. Is known for secret warfare.
Ruler of the Underworld
Also known as Furies, three women who were sent to avenge the souls of the dead and bring justice. Named as 'Alecto' the never ending, 'Megaira' envious anger, and 'Tisiphone', the voice of revenge.
One of the female titans of Greek mythology.
Fallen Angels
Angels who rebelled against God and were thrown out of Heaven.
Wolf child of Loki and giantess Angrboða.
A great Duke who kills men by drowning them in water and overturning ships during war.
Gaelic demons with the body of man and head of a goat.
Knight and high president of Hell, commanding 29 legions. Appears like an old man with a white beard and rides a horse with a pointed dart.
Count of hell with 26 legions. Speaks only lies, appears as an angel or a stag.
High president and prince of hell, commanding the 4 principal kings and 60 legions, appears in the human form at noon.
High president of Hell who commands 36 legions, appears as a dog with griffin wings.
Demons of the underworld or sea
Powerful Duke of Hell, appears as a woman wearing a ducal crown and riding a camel
Also called 'the hounds of Zeus', they are a group of feminine creatures with beaks and claws.
Grand general of hell, commanding 20 legions, he appears like a leopard and can turn demons and spirits against exorcists.
Goddess of Underworld, darkness, and black magic.
Finnish word for demon, they are entities of woods, streams, and hills.
Hun Came and Vucub Came
Principal death Gods of the Mayan underworld.
Another name for Devil in Quran
A fallen angel who fell for the lust of women. Appears sexually in nightmares and dreams to have sex with women.
Babylonian Goddess of fertility, love and marriage.
Japanese God who bought order to the world of chaos.
Spirits created by God out of fire, they attempt to take mankind away from Allah.
Middle child of Loki and giantess Angrboða
Water demons in Japanese mythology.
Harmful spirits who killed sleeping infants and seduced sleeping men.
The alleged deity of Knight of Templars, the Goat headed Baphomet.
Biblical monster
Sumerian Goddess, Queen of Heaven, Mother of all demons.
Trickster God in Norse mythology.
Another name meaning light bearer for Satan.
Biblical term for wealth or property in Aramaic.
Evil spirit in Buddhism.
Another name for devil in Faust myths.
Biblical God of the adulterous Israelites who worshiped it with child sacrifice.
Marquis of Hell, three dog-headed demon, commanding 29 legions.
Race of serpents who populate the underworld, according to Hindu mythology.
Malignant water monsters who drown people according to Teutonic mythology.
Said to be the Hell buffoon, he manages visions and dreams.
The first demon mentioned in the testament of Solomon.
High Prince of Hell, commanding 20 legions, he appears as man and horse. He sees the past, future, and present.
Great president of Hell, he appears like a leopard.
King of Hell, governing 200 legions, half from the angelic order and half of power, he appears as a man with a woman's face riding a dromedary.
Worshiped by the ancient race of Prussia, they honored him with head of a dead man and a tallow.
In Hindu mythology, the tortured spirits of the dead that roam the preta-loka (underworld).
A demon who is known as the companion of Satan.
Great Earl of Hell
Marquise and count of Hell, commanding 19 legions, he appears as a monster and teaches languages.
Another name for Lucifer―the fallen angel.
Serpent demons according to Assyrian, Egyptian, and Babylonian culture.
Female version of incubi, seduces men when they are sleeping.
Demon of conflict and change in Aztec mythology, portrayed smoking, it has an obsidian mirror at the back.
A female monster with mouths at her elbow, knees, and other joints, who wants to eat flesh all the time, according to Aztec mythology.
Celestial demons in Aztec mythology that threaten to destroy the world.
Demon of inferior order who maintains the oil in the infernal boilers.
Powerful Duke of Hell who commands 36 legions, he appears as a dromedary or as human who speaks Egyptian.
Great strong Duke of Hell commands over 36 legions, he appears as a lion with griphen wings.
Great strong Duke of Hell, he appears like a mermaid and guides the ships in the seas.
Great King and Earl who shows himself like a lion riding on a black horse, he throws down stone walls and makes water rough.
Sons of God who took human wives and had children known as Nephilim.
Fallen angel of the 2nd rank, he is known to be inventive.
A lesser known demon who roams the streets of Finistere holding flaming fingers.
According to Aboriginal culture, a little red man with large head and mouth.
Witches of Navajo mythology who are skin walkers, who live in caves storing recognizable human heads on shelves.
Great King and President of Hell, commanding 33 legions, he appears like a bull with griphen wings.
Great Duke of Hell commanding 20 legions, he appears as a soldier.
While widely regarded as just myths and legends, one cannot ignore their supernatural presence in the earthly realm. Every culture believes in good and bad entities that can create havoc in human life, and it is upon us to open or not to open a portal for them to contact us.
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