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Acquaint Yourself With What a Linden Tree Symbolizes

What Does a Linden Tree Symbolize?
Most of us take delight in studying various types of trees. While we understand its uses and benefits, we often fail to take into account their significance and meaning. With the focus on the symbolic significance of Linden tree, this Mysticurious piece intends to satisfy those who are eager to learn about its importance in our present and past life.
Ashmeet Bagga
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
Did You Know?
In Baltic mythology, Linden was a sacred tree of Laima (Goddess of Fate). She took all her decisions on that tree as a cuckoo. That's why Lithuanian women worship this tree for good luck and fertility.
Whenever I look at a tree, it is difficult for me to digest the thought that it has been standing at one place for more than 200 years. The main reason, why Linden is so popular and a favorite among most of us, is because they are beautiful and grand, and no two trees are alike. And, just like humans and animals, they also have a lifespan. They also undergo changes, and are susceptible to diseases.

It is a member of Basswood family, sometimes, also called Lime tree, but it is not even remotely associated with the citrus fruits. It has heart-shaped leaves, and the fragrance of its flowers are divine, no wonder bees are so attracted to this tree. The quality of honey produced on this tree is amazing as it tastes very sweet. In some cultures, planting a linden tree prevents bad luck; while, others believe that its naturally bright appearance helps to repel bad spirits from an individual's home.

Let us explore more on its symbolism and significance.
Linden Tree Symbolism
►In Slavic mythology, Linden tree was considered to be sacred. There are many linden trees in Slovenia, and the oldest one is believed to be over 700 years old. In the earlier times, decisions on matters of common interest were taken under a linden tree. It was a meeting place for the village community. They met there not only to decide on important issues, but also to celebrate various festivals and social gatherings.
►Linden tree is the national symbol of Slovenia. It is known as Lipa in Slovenian language, it gave the traditional Slavic name for the month of June (Croatia) and July (Poland). Lipica, a Southern Slovenian village was named after the linden tree which means little Lime tree.
►The oldest Linden trees were planted to mark special historic occasions such as when the Turks were defeated. These trees were planted in these specific spots, and hence, they are also known as Turkish linden trees.
►This tree also holds a special place in Germanic mythology. According to the said mythology, community people assembled under this tree to take decisions on matters related to truth and justice. According to German folklore, one possibly cannot lie while standing under its shade. They also gathered to celebrate and dance under its spread. Also, this tree is considered as the Tree of Lovers. Many lovers have claimed to stand under this particular tree and swore never to end their relationship.
►The most famous street Unter Den Linden in Berlin, Germany is named after the Linden tree which is lined up in the streets. Many pre-Christian Germans worshiped this tree as it was associated with Freya (Goddess of Love and Truth).
►Many poets have penned poems with linden trees as their main subject; in fact, a Romanian poet used to sit under this tree while composing his poems. He claimed that the linden tree was his source of inspiration.
►Greek mythology states that Greek gods, Zeus and Hermes, turned Baucis and Philemon, a very hospitable, old couple, into an Oak and Linden tree, respectively, when they passed away.
Dream Interpretation
►If you see a Linden tree in your dreams, it means happiness, abundance, and beauty. It means that you will be blessed with all the positive and bright things in life. If you are currently facing any problem, or you seem to be at crossroads, worry not, because good times are just round the corner. Your suffering will end.
►This dream is also interpreted by some stating that your loved one who has passed away, is possibly watching over you, protecting you from harm, and praying for you.
Linden Tree signifies that we must follow our heart, and never give up on our dreams, no matter how hard it may seem. It also means that we should see beyond the outer appearance, that is the reason the leaves have a shiny and glossy appearance on the inner side which is not the same on exposed part of the leaves.