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Meaning of Aura Colors

Meaning of Aura Colors

An aura is described as an illuminated radiation around a person that may or may not be colored, descriptive of a person's personality, health, and state of mind. Here's a brief look into the meaning of aura colors of different variations, for those of you who are deeply interested in these theories.
Puja Lalwani
Ever noticed how you feel when someone walks into a room? Good, bad, uncomfortable? Some may call it vibes, others may call it aura, but both are something one exudes naturally. Believe it or not, auras do exist, and explain why you may have experienced the aforementioned situations at some point in time. So what is an aura? Not everyone knows how to see auras, though over time, some have mastered the art of naturally seeing them with years of practice. Normally, auras can be seen only after using specific photography equipment designed to capture this radiation around a person in a photograph. Different people exude different colors. What does your aura color mean?
Aura Colors and What They Mean
Aura colors are not always permanent. The color one may emit today and the one after a few days may not always be the same. Auras are radiated based on a person's personality, their physical health, as well as their current state of mind. For instance, an angry person may depict a murky red aura. However, if he/she is working to curb the anger by means of meditation or any other techniques, over time there may be a noticeable change. These colors also have several shades and tones, and an attempt has been made here to describe the meaning of the colors in as many shades as possible.
DISCLAIMER: The colors depicted here are for indicative purposes only. The actual aura colors and meanings may vary based on the method and the expertise of the person recognizing the auras.

The Red Family
Orange Red Those who emit an orange red are known to be confident, creative individuals who can deal well with their problems.
Red A clear red implies an individual who is powerful, competitive, sexually charged, and passionate about any undertaken task. They have a sense of self importance that determines their decisions in life. Such individuals may not be able to cope well with change.
Deep red A deep red symbolizes that the person is down to earth, has his head on his shoulders, is practical and realistic, and has an unshakable determination.
Murky Red A murky red aura is symbolic of anger that can in fact, repel the positivity that one may have been able to attract. Such persons may be anxious, worried, obsessed with money, frustrated, and may be unable to forgive easily. All these attributes are known to repel positivity.
Pink A bright but light pink can be symbolic of a sensitive, loving individual who is compassionate and pure in many ways. A pink aura can also symbolize the beginning or the ongoing nature of a romance.
Deep Pink Finally, a deep pink can be indicative of an unscrupulous or immature person.
The Blue Family
Pale Blue A pale blue aura speaks of an individual who is peaceful, has complete clarity of thought, and is an honest individual.
Blue The color blue is symbolic of a calm and easygoing person who is also sensitive and helpful. Those who radiate a blue aura are also known to be very intuitive.
Bright Royal Blue This aura color symbolizes spirituality and the availability of new options and opportunities for growth. It also speaks of clairvoyant abilities and kindness.
Indigo Similar to a clear blue aura, the indigo color's meaning is that of intuition and sensitivity. It is related to the third eye.
Muddy Blue Those with a dark or muddy blue aura may be suffering from several fears such as that of confronting reality, the future, or oneself. Such individuals may also be scared of expressing themselves in front of others.
Lavender A lavender aura is suggestive of a brilliant imagination and someone who is ambitious, but someone who fantasizes a lot too.
Violet Relating to the nervous system, a violet aura reflects underlying psychic powers that exist in the individual. It may mean that one is comfortable and in complete harmony with oneself. Yet another color that symbolizes intuitive powers, violet is also an indication of a person who is idealistic and creative.
The Green Family
Yellow Green Someone with a yellow green aura is a creative and social or outgoing person.
Green Green is the color of growth, balance, and change. A person who emits a green aura is someone who is known to love nature and is a very social person.
Bright Emerald Green A person who emits a bright emerald green aura has natural healing abilities, and focuses greatly on giving and receiving love.
Muddy Green Not all greens are positive, and a muddy green suggests resentment, poor self-esteem, sensitivity to criticism, accusatory nature, and failure to take responsibility (personal or otherwise).
The Orange Family
Orange An orange aura symbolizes good health and lots of energy in the person emitting it. Such individuals are creative, extroverts, use their time well, and are willing to take risks. On the negative side, an orange aura may be indicative of physical stress.
Orange Yellow An orange yellow aura will tell you that the person emitting it is someone who is brainy, has a scientific bent of mind, and pays great attention to detail. Such persons are highly creative, and always strive for perfection.
The Yellow Family
Pale Yellow A pale yellow aura indicates psychic abilities, and someone who has a spiritual bent of mind. It indicates hope, and the ability to generate creative, positive ideas for one's betterment.
Bright Lemon Yellow A bright lemon yellow aura shows that the person emitting it is facing some sort of struggle, in terms of power or relationships. This person may be someone who has a deep-seated fear of losing her/his reputation and control over various situations.
Yellow This color reflects an inspired life, the life of someone who is an optimistic, cheerful, and happy. A yellow aura is symbolic of intelligence and revival.
Metallic Gold A metallic gold aura that is clear speaks of spiritual energy and inspiration.
Dark Murky Yellow This aura is usually reflected in students who are struggling to study, or in people who think they don't have enough time to complete their tasks. They are people who think beyond the necessary and experience excessive stress due to it.
Other Colors
Gold Someone with a golden aura is being guided towards doing only good by a divine power. A gold aura suggests inner wisdom, spirituality, and protection from the evils of the outer world.
Silver While indicating spiritual and physical wealth, a silver aura also reflects monetary wealth. On the spiritual side, it can imply a revival of consciousness.
Metallic Silver This aura color clearly indicates someone who is open to suggestions and new ideas. Such individuals are also nurturing and loving by nature.
Muddy Gray When noticed in specific areas of the body, a muddy gray aura color may be indicative of health problems associated with those areas. Such a color may also indicate fears pertaining to one's health or self.
Black A black aura attracts energy and converts it in the process. Those who emit a black aura are individuals who haven't let go or forgiven past mistakes by themselves or others. It may also be a symbol of grief, or an indication of health issues when seen in specific body parts.
White A white aura indicates abundance of energy that has not been tapped yet. Someone with a white aura is considered to have angelic qualities, honesty, and is believed to be absolutely pure and spiritual.

The meaning of aura colors given above are an indication of the overall state of being of the person. However, the intricacies may vary based on personal personality traits. This information was meant to give you a general idea into the world of aura reading. It is not as simple as it looks, and if you are serious about learning about your aura and the reason for the color you radiate, it is always a good idea to consult a specialist in the field.