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How to Do Automatic Writing: Think Twice Before You Read This!

How to Do Automatic Writing
Automatic writing sounds like an interesting and exciting, yet scary concept to many. Some people have a keen interest in automatic writing. However, they might not be sure about the method of practicing it. Let us see how it is done in this article.
Deepa Kartha
Last Updated: Feb 17, 2018
To write without an active conscious (presence of mind) is referred to as automatic writing. Hence, in such a case, the writer has no clue about what he is writing, until he reads it. It is believed that such type of writing is done in a state of trance. In some cases, the writer is fully aware of his surroundings and other happenings, which means, he is in a conscious state of mind. However, he is still unaware of what he is writing. In order to understand automatic writing in a better way, let us first understand the concept clearly.
Automatic writing is perceived differently by different people. In most cases, people believe the information received through such a writing is a message, a soul (a person who is not alive anymore) wants to convey to another person. There are many instances where people have confirmed that they had contact with their loved ones who have passed away. A psychic named Helene Smith who practiced this technique claimed that the Martians were trying to communicate with her, through automatic writing. However, this claim was met with a lot of skepticism.
The Arguments on Automatic Writing
Psychologists argue that automatic writing has no relation with spirits, but it is the subconscious mind that brings forth the written matter. They claim that the subconscious mind is like a huge memory bank that registers the thoughts that the conscious mind does not even remember and is also unaware of. Hence, in psychological terms, automatic writing is only a way of understanding one's mind (a method of self-understanding).
Nevertheless, there are people who are of the opinion that automatic writing has no connection with the supernatural or the subconscious mind because no scientific evidence proves this claim. For them, it is just a tool which some writers use as a cure for writer's block. They say that it is a way of sharpening people's creative skills which can help them in the process of creative writing. Though there are several theories about this concept, people still practice it for a variety of reasons.
Although automatic writing does not sound very realistic, experts say that it can be done by most people. There are only two factors that are very necessary for this process; a relaxed mind and peaceful atmosphere.
Mode of Writing
You can choose any medium of writing. It can be a typewriter, computer or a paper and pencil/pen. People usually opt for a paper and pencil because forming doodles and symbols are not very practical through any other medium.
Frame of Mind
As already mentioned, the mind should be relaxed. Sit in a calm and peaceful atmosphere before attempting this task. Make sure your mind is free from tension, worries and other emotions. The best way to clear your mind of worry and tensions is meditation. It is safe to meditate for a while before you start. After your mind is free of all thoughts, write down a question on the paper. For example; 'Does any spirit have any message to convey to me?'
Shift in Focus
For automatic writing, a shift in focus is essential. In order to shift from logical thinking to intuitive thinking, you should sit with a pencil and paper, in a writing position. Then divert the attention to something else. You can divert your attention by reading a book, listening to music, watching the television, etc.
Once your hand begins to write, do not stop to read what is being written. Let the writing continue till you feel the urge to stop. If it is your first time, expect a few mistakes and senseless statements. Do not stop this process in between to correct the mistakes. Finally, once you are done writing, read the page and analyze what is written.
The Dangers of Automatic Writing
If you believe in contacting spirits through automatic writing, there are a few things you need to consider. They are:
Attracting a Low Frequency Entity
If you have emotional problems, there are chances that you may attract a disturbed or impure entity. In such cases, you may not get desired answers to your questions. Also, if your life is full of drama or you like creating a lot of drama, it is safe to not channel.
Undesired Messages
You may receive messages that may come as bad news to you. Such messages would disturb your present as well as your future. Therefore, at any point if you feel a discomfort with psychic writing, stop writing immediately.
Last but not the least, you may not get the desired results in the first few attempts. However, do not give up. Keep trying till you achieve success with this writing. All the best!