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Birthmark Superstitions

Birthmark Superstitions
Do you have a birthmark? If yes, then you must have come across superstitions about it too. Here are some interesting birthmark superstitions that are believed by many and laughed off by a few others!
Neha Rajan Deshmukh
Birthmarks either develop when the baby is in the womb or when it has just been delivered. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some birthmarks stay with people for their entire life, while some fade away a week after birth. Most cultures believe that birthmarks of a specific shape have a hidden meaning. Many theories have been put forth regarding this. One must remember that birthmarks are mostly harmless and it depends upon you, whether to believe their associated superstitions or not.
Myths About Birthmarks
▶ Some birthmarks are considered to be symbols of good fortune.
Certain cultures in our society believe that people who have birthmarks either live long or die a sudden death.
▶ Some believe that a birthmark is an angel's kiss or a devil's mark that is there on the body to indicate something mysterious. In rural India, a lady was boycotted because she had a weird mark on her body, from which people interpreted that she has been haunted by a demon.
▶ Japanese ladies, at times, believe that if they witness fire when they are pregnant, their baby will have a burn mark on the skin.
▶ Some believe that if a woman has a birthmark on the right half of her body, then she is likely to have many lovers!
▶ In some countries, it is believed that if a woman suffers some trauma or accident during her pregnancy, then the child is likely to get a birthmark.
▶ Some tend to believe that fair people have more birthmarks than people with a darker complexion.
▶ Some people think that eating too many red fruits and vegetables during pregnancy, causes strawberry shaped birthmarks on babies.
▶ Many believe that a child with a snake-shaped birthmark on his/her body, was a snake in the earlier life and died a death of revenge!
▶ In Europe, it is considered an epitome of good luck to touch people who have birthmarks.
▶ Chinese culture proposes interpretations of birthmarks based on their shape, color, size and location. e.g. People with moles on their body, face a challenging life ahead.
Facts About Birthmarks
▶ One must know that a birthmark is merely a randomly shaped mark on your body, which does not mean anything. At times, it can create certain health issues. If it does not, then you should not worry about anything! It is just a mark that has got nothing to do with prediction of your future!
▶ People tend to believe that all birthmarks are cancerous. While some really are, not all can be termed as cancerous. The best thing to do is to show it to your doctor. In most of the cases, the birthmark is completely harmless, while in some cases, it can really invite complexities. Often, a doctor advises to wait and watch.
No one knows the exact cause of these marks. Today, they can be easily removed using natural and laser treatments. You can even cover them up using makeup! If you can't do that, just consider your birthmark to be your beauty spot!