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Chinese Symbol for Strength

Chinese Symbol for Strength

Chinese symbols have always been a matter of interest for scholars from all over the world. The following article deals with the information regarding the Chinese symbol of strength, as it has been an important symbol for centuries and extremely considered important by the natives.
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These symbols have been developed thousands of years ago and have undergone very little change in the course of time. This study is an intriguing field and western scholars have developed interest in them due to their unique way of construction.

Chinese Symbols

There are around 80,000 different symbols, however, only few thousand of them are in use today. There are different Chinese characters or symbols that depict values such as hope, strength, love, longevity, etc. The symbol of hope is considered to be one of the most important ones. The purpose behind drawing any symbol is to express a concept or an idea as they depict these ideas by means of brush strokes. The detailing and efforts that are put in drawing them is admirable and has thus generated interest among the scholars worldwide.

Chinese Symbol for Strength

The symbol used for depicting strength has a shape that is somewhat like a plow. The symbol is pronounced as 'li' in Chinese. The top portion of the symbol looks like a plow handle while the lower part resembles a plowshare. It requires a substantial amount of strength for using a plow. Thus, the plow symbol must have got its meaning from the fact that it requires strength to pull this tool. Traditionally, they were used for decorations in the house. Nowadays, they are used on anything from tee shirts to banners. The tattoo variants too make use of the symbol of strength.

Symbols and Meanings

The popular Chinese symbols used by people in ancient China were the 'yin and yang symbols', 'dragon symbols', 'sunset symbol', 'longevity symbol', etc. Some of these symbols hold great importance in their culture.

Yin and Yang Symbols

The Yin and Yang symbol depicts perfect balance or harmonious co-existence of the opposing forces of nature. Few examples of the Yin and Yang forces in the nature are, 'Earth-Sky', 'Matter-Spirit', 'Dark-Light', 'Winter-Summer', 'Tiger-Dragon', etc.

Longevity Symbol

The longevity symbol is used to depict the value of 'five-fold happiness' in China. Bronze engravings, embroidery and inscribed scrolls are used as a medium to draw the longevity symbol.

Sunset Symbol

According to the belief, the sun is considered to be the source of 'Yang' energy. The sun acts a source of energy as well as a purifier.

Dragon Symbols

The dragon is a symbol of cosmic energy known as 'Chi'. The dragon symbolizes good fortune and new beginnings. As per Chinese beliefs, a dragon is said to have the capability of releasing water to parched lands and bring prosperity. The symbol of the dragon also signifies high achievement, success and prosperity.

Flower Symbols

The symbols of flowers are used to convey grace, beauty and perfection. In their belief systems, the flower symbol is said to bring prosperity and fulfillment. Chrysanthemum, lotus, citron, hydrangea and orchid are some of the popular flower symbols used in the Chinese tradition.


It is the Chinese art of writing characters with the help of ink brushes. A set of minimalistic rules is used to guide this activity of writing. Every single character is drawn by using a specific number of brush strokes.

The Chinese symbol of strength is one of the many symbols used in the tradition to instill positivity and energy in our day-to-day lives. Besides this it is also used by people from all over the world on various decorative items and clothes.
Shou Symbol with Lotus Flower
Chinese traditional dragon
Longevity Symbol
Yin and Yang Symbol
Chinese strength symbol