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Facts about the Number 13

Facts about the Number 13
Lucky for some, unlucky for some... Well it is the number 13 indeed. Get to know a few interesting facts about the number 13 in this article. Keep reading.
Divya Bichu
In the tarot language, the number 13 is read as the death card. Whoa! Does it scare you? Well, I am not surprised. Around the world there are umpteen number of myths, facts, funny stories, scary truths and stupid superstitions associated with the number 13. Some consider this number to be a bad omen while some countries like Italy and Thailand have it as their lucky number. How contradictory is this lucky yet unlucky number 13! Get to know how this number 13 is perceived as a lucky number by a few and unlucky by some others in this Mysticurious article. You are sure going to be amazed to know these interesting yet funny facts.
  • Did you know that fear of the number 13 is called "triskaidekaphobia".
  • Friday the 13th is the most widespread superstition. On Friday the 13th people prefer staying at home and keep away from doing anything important, as they are wary of accidents and mishaps on this unlucky day.
  • It has also been proposed that if 13 people sit for dinner together, one is bound to die within a span of 1 year. Just like it happened in the case of Jesus Christ and his 12 disciples. Judas Iscariot was the thirteenth one to sit at the table, who betrayed Jesus.
  • Another interesting fact about the number 13 is the dinner arrangement at the Savoy Hotel in London, England. The story goes like, if you book a table for thirteen people, the table would be set for fourteen by default and the 14th place is occupied by a sculpture of a black cat, called Kasper. In the western culture to dine with thirteen people is considered a bad omen.
  • In Formula 1, there is no car with the number 13, as it is considered unlucky.
  • Apollo 13 was the only unsuccessful mission of the Americans, the reason being the unlucky number 13.
  • Many tall buildings, hotels and hospitals skip the floor 13th and do not number any room # 13 either. They consider it to be a bad omen.
  • An assembly of witches is called a coven, which consists of 13 witches.
  • A very recent incidence, that proves number 13 to be unlucky is, Microsoft. It has come up with their office version 14 after version 12, skipping 13 as they assume it may not be so lucky for them.
  • Dan Marino, an NFL player wore a jersey that displayed the number 13 all this career. He was considered to be one of the best players ever in the history of NFL, but despite the immense talent he possessed he made it just once to the Super Bowl Selection. I don't have to mention, why it happened this way!
  • There are 13 principles of Jewish faith according to Maimonides.
  • In ancient Greece, Zeus is considered as the thirteenth and the most powerful god. This thirteenth god seems to be associated with totality, completion and attainment.
  • The ladder to eternity has thirteen steps, on reaching the 13th step, it is assumed that your soul attains spiritual completion.
  • 13 is a prime number, which means it cannot be divided by any number other than itself. Hence, symbolizes qualities of incorruptible nature and purity.
  • In one of the most powerful civilizations of history, the people decided to have 13 days in a week as they considered 13 to be an extremely lucky number. Each day was ruled by one god. And the god who ruled the thirteenth day was associated with mystery, psyche and magic.
  • As we all know, 13 is the period of change or transition for every girl or boy. It is the age when children officially become teenagers.
  • The opening ceremony of the Athens Olympic Games was held on 13th august 2004.
  • The US flag has 13 strips, that represent the union of 13 colonies to fight the British rule, later these 13 colonies became the first thirteen states of United States of America.
  • The Thai New Year (Songkran Day) is celebrated on the 13th April. It is considered to be a day of washing away all the bad omens, by splashing water on people, friends and relatives.
  • In Hindu mythology, Maha Shivratri is celebrated on the thirteenth night of the Magha month, which is very sacred and a holy night for all the Shiva devotees.
  • In the sacred book of the Sikhs, the "Guru Granth Sahib", the word "Waheguru" which means eternal guru appears 13 times.
Well, these were the facts about the number 13. However, each number has its own significance and importance. The conclusion is, how you perceive the number 13 and to what extent you believe in the origins of this inexact science of superstitions.