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Personality Traits Linked with a Green Aura and What This Color Means

Green Aura Color Personality and Meaning
Aura is a colorful vibration that constantly surrounds us all, with the color changing its predominance depending upon our state of mind and health. Every aura color speaks of your personality. We shall discuss the meaning of the green aura color personality.
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
Did You Know?
Aura colors are divided into two types: Warm and Cool. Blue and Green are considered to be the cool colors that are associated with peace, relaxation, sensitivity, healing, and intuition.
What is life without colors? We surround ourselves with nature, flowers, colorful paintings and accessories so as to feel the soothing vibrancy of varied colors that exist, without even realizing that we are constantly surrounded by a colorful aura itself! Yes, there is a light that emits from our entire body, with one or many colors in it. You may see many colors in your aura, but the one true color that reflects your current state―be it physical, mental, or spiritual in nature―would be the most predominant, and that is the color that determines your aura.

Green is the color associated with growth and development. Even when we look around us, green is the color of the plants that grow, green is the signal that indicates us to "go." Be it fertility, healing, taking a step ahead to our goals, green is the signal that pushes us forward. Therefore, this aura color indicates a great deal of power and positivity in the person. Let's understand the nature of this aura personality in the following sections.
Characteristics of Green Aura
✦ Green aura denotes healing, balance, and perfection. The deep-green aura indicates hard work and ambition.

✦ The green chakra is the fourth (middle) chakra of the body and represents balance, harmony, hope, and positivity.

✦ It has been noticed that successful people have green aura, after all, green is also the color of money!
✦ Green is the color of nature and those with this aura are nature's people in the true sense of the word.

✦ Even doctors, counselors, and those involved in any form of healing have green as their dominant aura color.
Personality Traits
✦ Charming, peace-loving, sensitive, intuitive, well-organized, expressive, and logical, those with green aura are all about maintaining peace and harmony, and balancing both sides of the world, natural and materialistic.

✦ Speaking of materialistic ambitions, these individuals strive for a luxurious and abundant life, and hence, can be quite business-minded and analytical to attain the desired safety and security in their lives.
✦ They are highly intelligent, quick-witted, strong-willed, and social beings. They need to be in touch with their loved ones in order to grow. They love to communicate and express themselves quite openly, without keeping anything within. Their expressiveness helps them achieve the harmony and balance in their existence.

✦ These individuals are considered to be natural healers, mostly using nature to heal/recharge themselves, and imparting their positivity to others.
✦ They love nature and everything related to it. Growing plants, digging the mud to plant new seedlings, smelling the wet mud, cuddling animals, spending time at the lakeside, or going camping, trekking, hiking... all this is what makes them feel alive.

✦ Being highly organized, and always working according to the plan, they are the list-makers of the group. Keeping a balance isn't as easy as slicing a cake, is it? Therefore, their need to seek a balance may make them quite demanding and impatient, at times.

✦ The conflict that arises from being both sensitive and strong-willed makes these individuals prone to conflicting emotions. They are also very straightforward and don't know how to sugarcoat a bitter truth. Which is why, their frankness may come off as being insensitive or rude.

✦ Intimacy is a natural form of expressing love, and these aura-emitters are quite natural when it comes to it. Being conservative in nature, sex is a private affair indeed, but a necessary one to make these individuals feel the connection with love and life.

✦ Nature is never stagnant, but constantly changing. Therefore, being one with nature itself, these individuals are constantly active and have the tendency to get bored quite easily. There should be something or the other, always, to strike out from their to-do-list. In fact, it is this characteristic of theirs that makes them successful and powerful in their endeavors.

✦ It may seem that these people are all about success and money, however, the truth is that to them, what is more important than money and wealth is their inner peace and content. Whatever they do is to feel successful within, money just follows.
Ideal Career Options
✦ Anything that keeps them close to nature would work best. A wildlife conservationist, animal rescuer, forest officer, teacher of some natural therapy such as yoga, meditation, and other forms of healing are ideal options.
✦ Considering their communication and observational skills, occupations such as teaching, counseling, writing, public speaking, etc., would keep them close to the social interaction that they need in their lives.

✦ Green, being the color of healing and peace, these individuals would also make great doctors, psychologists, and other types of healers.
Overall Health
✦ Physically, they are highly active and energetic, always on the go. Therefore, they are quite strong, using their activeness as a means to keep them fit and going. However, too much physical stress has its side effects, therefore, backaches and upset stomach is commonly seen in these individuals.

✦ Being the masters of keeping balance and equilibrium in their surrounding, they are mentally very alert and engage in high thinking quite often. However, too much mental stress may make them prone to headaches.

✦ Emotionally, they are very harmonious, friendly, and open. Their words reflect their emotions instantaneously. An emotional conflict may lead to anxiety and stress-induced ulcers, other than headaches.

✦ Spiritually speaking, they derive all their strength from nature, striving to attain a peaceful balance within, treating nature equal to God! Spirituality is something very personal to these people, and therefore, they will set on their own path, rather than following others.
Relationships and Compatibility with Others
✦ When it comes to relationships, green-aura beings hold their relationships quite close to their heart, and are quite family-oriented.

✦ They are quite compatible with others, and their presence brings out the best in others. Take the green leaves of a beautiful flower, for instance. The color of the flower takes all the attention, but without the green leaves, it's not the same. This is what defines the relationship with these individuals.

✦ Speaking of compatibility, there isn't much problem in this aspect, as these people are quite friendly and social beings. However, the stability may lack with those who fail to share the high thinking and standards that these people set for their life.

✦ The brightness of green goes great with auras that can balance its impact. Violet aura goes best with these individuals as their intellect and thoughts match theirs quite well. Yellow-aura is also quite compatible with them, as they share the sensitivity and relaxed approach in life.

✦ Those who have red, orange, would view green as a rival, rather than a companion. Therefore, greens will go best with blues, other greens, and violets.
For the greens, life is all about attaining a perfect balance, a harmonious surrounding where they can live in peace, simultaneously enjoying the best in life. We need these green-aura beings to learn from them to achieve our goals, to keep that balance that is necessary for peace, and to live like a being that belongs to nature, not materials.
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