How to Use Telekinesis

Power of the mind is far greater than power of the body. Telekinesis is a concept, where you can move and control things using only your mind.
The word telekinesis scientifically means: tele - distant and kinesis - motion. This is a very interesting subject, which states how a person's mind can influence events happening around him/her. In simple words, telekinesis is a term given for moving things or making them happen, without any physical intrusion.
A Brief Explanation
The term "Telekinesis" was first coined by a Russian psychologist Alexander N Aksakof. This psychic ability is about movement of matter in a limited form, which may include shaking, vibrating, spinning, breaking, or increasing/decreasing the temperature of a specific entity. Psychokinesis is a higher version of telekinesis, where the cosmic energies are gathered for purposes that involve healing an injured tissue, or changing shapes of objects like a spoon, controlling magnetism, etc.
The most important ingredient for learning any new concept is strong concentration, which is fueled by self motivation and faith. So, when you want to tackle this subject, keep telling yourself: "Yes! I can make this happen!"
Our mind is like a stallion full of restlessness, and keeps galloping all the time. Meditation is an effective method to train your stallion, garner all your energies, and channel them in a proper direction. To use telekinesis, one must be extremely good in concentration. For people who have just started, achieving a clear mind when meditating will be difficult, but not impossible. This is because, your mind takes some time to calm down during the process. And this activity varies from person to person. Hence, include meditation as a part of your daily schedule. By this method, one's mind becomes serene, clear, and under control. In short, all the energies that are spent by the mind in wandering thoughts, will be stored and used properly inside your body. Always remember to meditate in a calm place
Enhance your emotions
The gateways of expression for your mind are called emotions. They are also outlets for the immense energy contained in your body. Whenever you feel extremely positive about anything, your heart just feels like bursting with happiness! These emotions are also factored by the vibrations that are generated in your surroundings. Hence, try to enhance your energy levels, and harness them by doing activities that will make you more positive and energized. However, there are negative emotions also, like anger and aggression. Prominent examples of telekinesis have been observed in children and adolescents, who cause objects to move under the pressure of sudden hormonal surges and oscillating aggression levels. But it is always good to imbibe more positive energies in the long run to undertake this method. Thus, along with meditation, try out some exercises to enhance your emotions. This can be achieved by reading good books, or by listening to mantras. Hence, meditation followed by channeling the emotions will guide you on how to use telekinesis easily.
Using telekinesis requires a lot of patience and concentration. So, beginners can start off with some simple experiments that are provided below:
Moving Objects Without Physical Contact
When you have achieved the mental calmness through meditation, and have gathered enough emotional energy within you, the next step would be to decide the way by which you want to experiment your energy. For example, try this method on a small feather lying on the road. Focus on it, and only think that you want to move it. Always remember that this is why meditation is so important, as it strengthens your concentration. While you are concentrating on the feather, feel the energy flowing out of your body to move it. There should not be anything else in your mind except that all your energy should be concentrated on your focus. It is possible that there may not be any movement for the first time. But leaving hope is like leaving your faith, and as far as telekinesis is concerned, faith in learning is as important as the method in itself.
Making Psi Balls
In this method, firstly cup your hands, and concentrate. Once you have felt the sufficient energy trapped inside your cup, then just let it flow out. You can feel it moving out of your hands like a psi ball. This is also known as shaping the energy with your mind.
Swinging on a String
Our palms have chakrasinside them, which store the cosmic energies that are contained within us. Thus, when you clasp your palms and rub them against each other, the chakras get stimulated and start releasing the energy. To know this better, take a hand pendulum (a small marble tied to a long string). Concentrate hard on it, and try swinging it above your palm. Now the chakra has its own direction of spin. The pendulum tries to alter its natural spin, and a difference in the energy levels can be felt for sure.
In the earlier days, telekinesis was exercised in the form of energy shields, which was made up of strong energies and emotions. They were supposed to protect the person from any external force. Even telepathy is a paranormal activity that happens through telekinesis.
Telekinesis is a prowess that cannot be achieved in a day. If this psychic ability is observed in a few children and adolescents, then it is a God's gift. However, each one of us has this ability inside us; only that we don't utilize it. When you go about using this method, undertake it without any doubts or negative feelings, and the results will surely be positive. This is because when you try it for the first time, you are bound to fail, and the emotional energy levels will get disturbed by this unsure feeling, as to why it did not work. Hence, the more you tend to believe in the mantra: "It can happen and it will happen", the vibes generated from your body will help in enhancing your energy levels and emotions. Hence, shed your impatience and irritation over failures, before you try using telekinesis.