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Superstitions Surrounding Itchy Palms - Can You Believe Them?!

Itchy Palms Superstitions
There are a number of superstitions that we come across every day. The most common of these is the one that has been built up around 'itchy palms'. Various superstitious beliefs surround itchy palms; altogether making it more intriguing.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Having an itchy palm' is a phrase in English which means being greedy or having an unrealistic desire for riches. Interestingly, it is based on the superstitions that surround itchy palms.
There are many superstitions pertaining to humans, prevalent in society. There is bound to be some or the other superstitious belief pertaining to every action, whether accidental or deliberate. Some of these superstitions are so bizarre that we have no other option than scratching our heads as to where this outré thought might have come from.

However, whatever the so-called impacts of the superstitions, the fact that they are inevitable aspects of our intangible heritage, which have been brought down to us by generations of our ancestors, cannot be ignored.
Itchy Right Palm
★According to popular belief, an itch in the right palm indicates the possibility of a financial windfall, and scratching it would result in you losing your 'lucky money'. Hence, in order to get the 'green bucks', bear the irritation and make sure that you do not scratch your right palm.
popular belief about hand rubbing on wood
★According to palmistry, an itching right palm symbolizes a transfer of active energy through your hand, and it is this very energy which is believed to be earning you money.
★In Ireland, it is believed that when the palm of the right hand itches, someone new is going to enter your life.
Itchy Left Palm
★Superstition about an itchy left palm is usually opposite to that surrounding an itchy right palm. According to this superstition, you are likely to spend or lose some money if your left palm itches. This means that you will have an unexpected financial strain.
palm superstition in Central Maine
★Itching in left palm may mean that you might break or lose something of great financial value, or have an unexpected car breakdown leading to huge bills! Again, you can counter the effect of your itchy left palm by rubbing it on a wooden object.
When both Palms Itch
★"If your palms itch, You are bound to get rich".
Palm itching belief in Hungaria
★Both your palms itching together might signal towards a lucky and a fruitful day ahead. If both your palms itch together, put them into your pockets and then scratch them. This will get the money flowing into your pockets.
★The Chinese however, consider the itching of palms as a bad omen, and try to relieve the itch soon as possible.
Some say that itching indicates some kind of internal energy that is moving through your palms. The right hand is supposed to be dynamic or active, and the left hand is the receptive or inactive. So, an itchy right palm indicates, your energy or services are moving out. This means you are going to be paid for these services, meaning, more money! However, an itching left palm means you are on the receptive mode and should expect new services in life. New services are always paid for, so you are going to give away money.
Nobody has ever been able to figure out the element of truth behind these superstitions. What is true, however, is the point that they do make a psychological impact on the minds of people. For instance, people feel good when their right palm itches. This is probably the very reason why the superstition surrounding itchy palms, as well as numerous other ones which are prevalent in the world, will continue to hold their place during the time to come.