Yellow Aura

Aura colors hold a prominent position in the world of mysticism. Amongst them yellow aura is considered one of the strongest. Read on to decipher the attributes.
Don't we wonder after seeing a divine glow or halo encircled around Jesus Christ and Buddha? That's exactly a yellow aura. Every living being is surrounded by an atmosphere, belonging only to them and we perceive differential effects, that are sometimes imaginary or realistic. There's a very natural observation by human beings, being surrounded by colors, transforming from one hue to another. The presence of these sublime colors around us is known as aura. There's a host of aura colors and amongst them yellow aura holds substantial importance.
How Auras are Created
We generally believe that the presence of aura colors is some weird form of mental imagery, but if we decipher the scientific meaning behind this, the explanation captivates a great deal of interest. Aura is created due to the presence of electromagnetic field around us and every object in the Universe. This field is also known as meta molecular space or Human Energy Field, composed of electromagnetic energies, having the ability to permeate, exit and emit from human body. This generates different color schemes that swirl around us changing from one color to another.
The pattern of aura color is dependent upon individual's emotional, physical, spiritual and chemical state. Bright colors like, violet, indigo, blue, yellow, orange, red signify positive energy while dark colors like gray, brown and black depict negativity. Yellow is considered as one of the most energetic colors of all auras.
Meaning of Yellow Aura
Yellow, one of the dominating aura colors, is also known as 'physical life colors'. Individuals observed with yellow auras, are most vibrant, fun-loving and enjoyable. They are wonderful persons who are loving, humorous and intellectual. They love to please and seek love from everyone. They are extremely creative and imaginative. Person with yellow aura are genuinely happy, up-beat, friendly, positive, generous, social, optimistic and generous.
At times, they tend to be lazy, irresponsible, procrastinators, fickle and undisciplined. People with yellow aura are sometimes shy, frisky and fidgety. They have youthfulness in them. They are sensitive healers. One of the unique characteristic features is the presence of kinesthetic intelligence.
Yellow aura also means intensely sexual and passionate. They are at times flirtatious, but tend to get nervous, if trapped or tied down. They are usually not monogamous but are extremely faithful once they are in true love with someone.
One of the most interesting trait of yellows are, they are children in themselves. They love to play with children and are very good playmates. They are sensitive individuals and care for their partners. They do not like dominance or subjugation.
They are never stable in their careers. Being extremely creative, they love switching professions. Yellow aura individuals are mostly into music, comedy and bartending. They also get success in sports, creative pursuits and engineering. It also stands for lack of interest for monetary matters. They take money as fun and usually invest them if they get plenty in hand. People dominated by yellow aura can also be rebellious. They have fear of commitment, abandonment and are insecure of their own liabilities. They can also be addicted to drugs and alcohols.
Different shades of yellow have different connotations. Golden yellow indicates inspirational thought while mustard may mean manipulative tendencies. Pale yellow symbolizes introversion and primrose yellow stands for cheerfulness and confidence. Lemon yellow is a sign of strength of direction while buttercup yellow is a reflection of being focused on a path of action. People with straw yellow aura are considered as day dreamers.
Yellow Aura and Spirituality
Aura colors are connected with divinity, aestheticism and spirituality. Yellow halo is considered as an active 'brow chakra'. It is considered to be ruling the solar plexus or third chakra. It is the source of core energy and exists between navel and ribs in an individual's body. A clear yellow aura circled around head in reflection of spiritual advancement. Yellow aura is a powerful denotation of religiousness, spirituality and enlightenment. It creates a sensation of brightness and warmth. The yellow aura around Buddha is a reflection of this enlightenment, spiritual success and joyful detachment from everything. Jesus, being encircled by yellow halo, emblems this divinity.
Yellow aura is that physical state of mind where one has attained complete liberation and spiritual attainment. Yellow, being one of the powerful aura colors, is an indication of optimism and positive vibes around us. Possession of clairvoyant skills, is not coercion, rather manifesting concentration is the sole way to feel the presence of aura around us.