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Magic Crystal Ball Mind Reader

Magic Crystal Ball Mind Reader
Hi friends! This online crystal ball mind reader can not only read your mind but understands addition and subtraction as well. Go ahead and check out!
Suhrud Potdar
This crystal ball claims to read your mind and your maths as well. It always finds, what you have been calculating in your mind.

I always had an interest in playing with numbers, and have learned some numerology basics, during college times. Although we are introduced to these numbers at a very early age, we tend to forget the basics, as we go on solving the real life integrations. Here is something from our magic crystal ball that will rack your brains. Go ahead and don your thinking caps...

Follow these 4 simple steps.
  1. Think of any number between 10 to 99.
  2. Add its digits to make a single digit.
  3. Subtract the total from the original number.
  4. Your final number after subtraction, is coupled with your lucky letter. Check Your Lucky Letter.

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