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Seeing 555 Everywhere? Here's the Hidden Meaning of This Angel Number

The Meaning of Angel Number 555
You needn't be a believer of numerology, and may very well use your practicality to come to a conclusion that viewing this triple-digit number is nothing more than a coincidence. However, you do feel that it's odd to be noticing this sequence so frequently these days. Believe it or not, it is an ethereal power trying to tell you something. Mysticurious helps you understand the meaning of angel number 555 and what it means in your life.
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
For it is written, "He will command his angels concerning you, to guard you," and "On their hands they will bear you up, lest you strike your foot against a stone."
― Luke 4:9-11
English Standard Version (ESV)
Angels―they are there, everywhere, unseen, unheard, unattended, but, yes, they are always there. For those who believe (or don't), there are times when their presence is felt around us. In the midst of our busyness, when we get flustered by the burden of complications that surround us, when we finally decide to let go and spend some time meditating on our lives, that is the time when these angels make us feel their presence; however, that is not the only time!

Modernism has surrounded us with many things. While during the early times, we would see animals, trees, the open and clear sky, now we see buildings, gadgets, and numbers. Numbers are a part of our identity today, be it our home address, telephone numbers, fax, vehicles, clocks, computers, shopping, dates, bills ..., numbers are what surround us. While we seldom take notice of the different numeric combinations that revolve around us, it isn't easy to not notice a combination where a single number repeats itself, such as, 111, 333, 555? If the number 555 has been constantly grabbing your attention lately, and if you're forced to think that this multiple sighting isn't normal, then the following section will help you understand what it means.
Significance of Seeing Angel Number 555
The association of angels with numbers, especially the repeated numbers such as 111, 222, 333, 444, etc., is not unheard of. There are different kinds of angels, each with a special role in our lives. While some help us fulfill our dreams, others devote themselves in protecting us during difficult times. Their guidance and protection is something that is always around us, just that we fail to give them their due share of gratitude while we are busy living our lives in ignorance of them being there with us. One such angel is that associated with the number 555.
Every number is believed to have a vibration. In numerology, the number 5 is associated with change and constant movement. In tarot, this number is associated with wisdom. If a single digit calls for such vibrations in your life, imagine the impact when this number appears in triple digits! The angel, through this number, is sending you a message that some huge, divinely-guided, change is taking place in your life.
When you observe the occurrences of these three digits―when you feel that every time you look at the clock, it's always "5:55", or the car that crosses yours bears "555" on the plate, or, the shops you go to, give you the exact change of $5.55, or, the sale tag that captures your eyes bears the discounted price of $55.5―pay heed to your life's circumstances at the moment, be it physical, emotional, spiritual, social, or financial in nature. Most likely, these numbers are indicative of the fact that whatever the change is, it must be accepted by you, as it would be rewarding in the long run.
Change is something that is constant, an inevitable part of our life, for without it, it is impossible to evolve, to fulfill our destiny. However, in spite of being aware of this fact, change is something we are most resistant to. If you feel that your life is taking a turn, a change in course which is not pleasing to you as of now, then viewing this number is an assurance that no matter how bad things may seem at the moment, it's all happening for the better. At times, we must let go of the old and unproductive, only to make space for new and fruitful things in life. Trust in the process and be optimistic about the result.
Again, an important thing to remember is that viewing these numbers do not, in any way, indicate that you must be a passive recipient to whatever is happening around. The number 5 also represents new opportunities, challenges, decision making, adventure, transition, and curiosity. This means that seeing this number only substantiates the need to indulge in the process wholeheartedly, make the best use of the opportunities that come your way, and give in your best to accomplish the desired transition in your life.
What would be the pace of this change? Would it happen overnight, or slowly and steadily? Well, that is difficult to determine. The change can take place at any pace; in fact, it is not necessary that it would be a visible change to the world, like a change in your job or where you live. Many times, the one change that is needed to fulfill your soul's journey, takes place within you, by affecting you emotionally or spiritually. Which is why, it becomes very essential to analyze your environment at all levels―be it at a mental, physical, or spiritual level―so as to interpret the meaning behind angel number 555.
You must be wondering, why do angels use numbers as a medium to communicate with us? Imagine if an angel leaves you a Post-It with '555' written on it, or, you open a word document and the keyboard begins to type on its own "555!" As smart as we humans think we are, the truth is that our minds are closed to perceive things that are "unnatural." You see, angels use the mediums that surround us, and we are primarily surrounded by nothing but numbers. This is what seems most feasible to grab our attention without freaking us out that there is a spirit, ghost, or some supernatural power trying to tell us something. Even now, you are interpreting this number's meaning through a source that works through binary coding; see, numbers again!
To conclude, this angel number indicates that you are capable enough to handle whatever is about to (or has already) come your way. Just go with the flow and trust in the process that is guided by the angels that are watching over us, and all will be better.