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Violet Aura Meaning and the Personality Traits this Color Brings

Violet Aura Color Personality and Meaning
The aura refers to a field of energy radiated by living beings, which reveals its state of consciousness. The aura bears varied colors, each with a specific representation.
Renuka Savant
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018
How to spot your aura color?
◆ Stand a few feet away from a mirror.
◆ Place a white/light-colored background behind you.
◆ Focus your attention on a specific part of your body.
◆ You will first notice a white outline. Keep your focus fixed.
◆ Soon, this white outline expands to reveal a color being radiated from your body.
The color of an individual's aura is determined by several factors―physical, spiritual, and emotional. The colors also change, reflecting the person's mood and overall state of mind. Each color represents a specific meaning. Broadly speaking, the colors of the rainbow―violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red―are understood to radiate positivity, whereas darker tones like black, gray, and brown represent negative energy.
In this article, we're going to study the meaning of a violet/purple aura, along with its significance.
Purple Aura Characteristics
◆ Purple/violet aura represents creativity and enlightenment.
◆ This color is associated with higher levels of spiritual enlightenment in certain religions.
Crown Chakra
◆ Violet represents the Crown Chakra, the area above the brow that stimulates the thought process and channels spirituality.
◆ It also suggests the presence of artistic abilities and an eye to appreciate the finer aspects of human life.
◆ People with a violet aura are described to be dynamic, charming, confident, and are also known to be futuristic.
◆ Their inherent intelligence has the able backing of strong intuitive powers, which lets them excel in fields related to teaching and politics―basically any field that taps their natural leadership ability.
◆ At the same time, these people are very creative and tend to do well in related fields like fine arts, music, performance arts, etc.
◆ They are in sync with their emotions as well as those of others, making them empathize with the feelings of others around them.
◆ Purple personalities are curious and inquisitive, and love to gain in-depth knowledge regarding the fields that interest them. Those interacting with these personalities describe them as interesting and knowledgeable.
◆ Their keen sense of intuition helps them delve into the future and enhance their decision-making ability.
Car on the globe
◆ These people are not exactly outgoing by nature, but they do love to interact with others and travel to far-off places in order to broaden their horizons and learn something new.
◆ On the negative side, violets auras can lead people to become too materialistic, especially if they have not had their spiritual awakening.
◆ Their natural leadership and intelligence can be mistaken for arrogance, or worse, even as narcissism.
◆ They may be impatient and irritable with people who do not match their pace of learning and lack the intellectual finesse that is typical to purple auras.
◆ Violet auras are best paired with people who share their passion for creativity and learning. Their partners need to be avid travelers who consider life to be one long learning process.
Couple not talking
◆ At times, these people can get dominating and wish to take the upper hand in a relationship. This may not go down well with equally powerful personalities, and may lead to a clash.
◆ It is often said that those with purple auras may have to face certain disappointments in matters of the heart. They find it tough to find a person who matches their level of energy and enthusiasm, and also allows them to grow and nurture their intellect.
◆ These people do well in careers that let them display their skills, as well as allow them to learn at the same time. Thus, these individuals make excellent musicians, artists, and writers. Their humanitarian side may also lead them to professions related to politics, therapy, philanthropy, environment, animal rights, nursing, and education.
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