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Meaning of Blue Auras and the Personality Defined By This Color

Blue Aura Color Personality and Meaning
An aura has many colors, and every person displays some characteristic traits that are defined by his/her aura. Mysticurious discusses the meaning of the blue aura, and the personalities of the people who possess it.
Priyanka Athavale
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
Aptly Vocal
The Blue aura is the Throat Chakra's color. This may be the reason why people with this auric color are so vocal about their emotions. The throat is the ultimate communication tool, as we express almost everything verbally.
To begin with, an aura is an electromagnetic field of various energies with different intensities, which is created when they enter into and exit from the body. The aura is formed all around the body, and can be seen if great concentration is applied. It is made up of seven layers, and various colors. Whichever is the dominant color of all is assumed to be the auric color. These auric layers are all connected to each other, and have the power to influence each other. They also influence a person's feelings, thoughts, actions, and words.

One of these auric colors is blue, the one that we will be discussing in this article. Blue is considered as the coolest and the most peaceful color in the color spectrum, which has calming properties. It is a symbol of spirituality, love, and generosity. People who have blue auras are truly genuine individuals who try to do good wherever they go. However, let's not give all the information away right here; the following paragraphs will explain the nature of blue auric people (hereafter called 'Blues') in a more orderly way.
Father and Son Hug
People with a blue aura are more in touch with their emotional side; their feelings are very strong and that is how they usually express themselves. They are extremely intuitive, sensitive, and love caring for and nurturing others, to the point that they even take other people's problems upon themselves. They are outgoing and confident people, but will not let anyone in on their deepest thoughts and feelings, unless they completely trust the other person.
They are always there to help a friend; however, this leads some people to take advantage of their caring and helping nature.
This is because Blues allow people into their lives and help them out because they find it difficult to say No. They have a deep-set desire to be unconditionally loved and accepted. This leads them to believe that if they refuse to help someone, that person will not love them anymore. It is this intense feeling that causes them to do this. These people have a knack for remembering the most trivial information; they are excellent at sorting and storing things in their minds, which can be easily accessed when needed.
Family Supporting
These people are big on forgiveness and compassion, and will interact with everyone, even people that nobody else interacts with. They do not dwell on other people's misgivings, and are wonderful friends. However, Blues also have a shaky sense of self-worth. They believe that doing things for others is the only way to have people value them; they have set ideas about things, and once their mind is fixed on something, it is very hard to change it. They can be level-headed and cool one moment, and suddenly become emotional and high-strung the next. Dealing with them can be confusing for others sometimes.
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Blues make excellent partners; they are caring, giving, receptive of others' feelings, expressive, and loving. However, one minor drawback is that they can be manipulative if they do not get what they want. For instance, you may hear a Blue say, "...but I did so much for her.
How can she behave this way?", or "I threw him a big party for his birthday. Now he must do something for mine." They give and give, but they also expect. If something is not reciprocated at the same level, it can upset them; they can also dislike something if it does not go according to the image in their head. They are fiercely loyal, and expect the same of their partner. They need to feel the affection and love in their partners' words and actions. However, they tend to become demanding sometimes, which they must realize on their own and curb. To sum up, Blues are wonderful companions and partners, but it is, at times, difficult to please them. There is also a chance that if they do not find what they are looking for in a person, then they may distance themselves or find someone else! So if you are dating a blue auric person, keep communication between you open and free-flowing.
Nurse with Patient
Blues do best in nurturing or management professions like nursing, teaching, coaching, or even accounting. Their innate belief that everyone must feel accepted makes them excellent in these fields. They require jobs that entail a daily interaction with a variety of people, particularly people that are looking for some form of help. The job must also preferably have flexible timings, to ensure that the Blues can also take care of their home.
These people require jobs that maintain open and free communication among all the co-workers, because Blues need this. Their nature is such that they would not like to stay totally isolated from everyone at the workplace. Although they are introverts, they love the company of others; however, they still prefer being around their group of close friends the most.
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Blues are more spiritual beings, hence they do not indulge in much physical activity. They are not really sports people, and prefer quiet activities like walking, playing a game of catch or frisbee, etc. This is the reason why they tend to be on the heavier side of the weighing scale. They are so busy taking care of others that they do not find time for themselves. They should maintain a balance, as they should realize that taking care of themselves is equally, if not more, important.
Blues are said to operate from the Throat Chakra, which is characteristic of their color. This is the reason why they frequently face issues with their throats, like soreness or difficulty in speaking.
Blues are very spiritual people, who believe in God and hold him close. They may tend to explore different religions to look for one that best fits their beliefs. They also like to spend quiet time with themselves, and maybe meditate, introspect, and attain peace.
The best match for Blues is people who's aura color is Tan. These people are loving, caring, and will be the perfect partners. Looking at all the personality traits, this pair has the highest compatibility.
Different Shades
Light Blue - You are excellent at communicating whatever you want to, in a very effective manner. You are calm and peaceful. You do not like to lie or hide things from people.

Royal Blue - This shade means that you are very spiritually developed, and highly intuitive. You are open-minded, very giving, and like to help people generously.

Dark Blue (muddy/cloudy) - You like being in control of situations, and detest uncertainty. Yet, you are unsure about your future, and it worries you.
This was a brief description of blue auric people, and their unique personalities. This was just a generalized insight, as every person is special and one of a kind. So what do you think? Do you have a blue aura?
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