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Now You'll Know Exactly What a Praying Mantis Symbolizes

What does a Praying Mantis Symbolize?
Is a Praying Mantis making its presence felt in your life, a bit too much lately? It may be more than just a mere coincidence. Pay attention! It may be trying to convey a message to you from the Universe. Yes, a message in the form of an insect. Do you want to find out more? This Mysticurious post tells you more about the praying mantis and its symbolism.
Tanaya Navalkar
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
A Divine Messenger
The Kalahari Bushmen in Africa worship and consider the Praying Mantis as the oldest symbol of God. They believed it to be an incarnation of God, and whenever they would sight one, they would try and decipher its message.
Have you ever come across a praying mantis in most of the places you've visited? Or may be it appears in your dreams? I'm guessing that you might have passed it off as just a coincidence, or may be you think you've become too obsessed with this special visitor that you see it just everywhere you go? Oh no, you haven't become obsessed with the praying mantis neither is it a coincidence! It could mean something else too; a divine message for you, or a wake up call to view your situations more closely.

Yes, it does have a message for you! A message that could answer all the questions that you've been having about your life lately. It is just one of the many ways of Universe to communicate with you. It is always answering our questions in some form or the other. We just have to pay attention and discern it.

Let us see what this divine messenger has in store for us.
Praying Mantis Symbolism
Praying mantis
A human mind is always looking for answers, and eventually, seeks help from the Universe in the form of meditation, affirmative thinking, and other ways of connecting to the Greater power. One such messenger of the Universe is the Praying Mantis.
The insect animal totems were used as symbols in all cultures since a long time. All of us have spirit animals, and it's just a matter of time till we know ours. They are like guides to your inner self and assist you throughout the journey of life. They carry meaningful messages and hints for us to decode whenever we find ourselves in a labyrinth of questions.
The praying mantis visits us whenever we are in search of peace and calmness in our lives, usually, when our minds are submerged in an ocean of daily unwanted clutter. Taking time off from work and all the chaos of life, would prove helpful in giving you clear answers to your doubts, especially, when you are struggling to hear your inner voice.
The praying mantis in your life symbolizes:
Wonders of the universe
Imagining of astronaut
Man sitting
Writing awareness
Woman relaxing
Balance in Life
Balance in life
Time of Meditation
Man meditating on beach
  • Mindful
  • Power of Stillness
  • Inner Reflection
Observe this mystical messenger, and you will notice why it is a symbol of stillness and patience. The mantis takes its own time and lives life at its own pace. It never takes a step further until it is completely sure that it is the right thing to do. It is full of patience. It signifies that you should be sure in your minds and agree to all the decisions that you make in life. It teaches you to be still, reach your inner self, meditate, and become calm. It is also a sign to be more mindful of the choices you make in life.
Praying Mantis - Good Luck or Bad Luck?
Praying mantis
It is believed that the praying mantis does bring you good luck whenever it appears, but it won't last long if you hurt the insect.

It is said that if it lands on your arm, you will soon meet an important person, and if it lands on your head, you'll soon receive honor or recognition.

It is also believed that if you see a mantis kneeling, it means that angels are near you.

Make sure you do not hurt or kill the mantis, lest you bring bad luck to yourself.
As Animal Totem
If the praying mantis is your animal totem, then, you've finally learned to take some time off from your busy life and slow down your pace. It also means that you don't make the next move until you've analyzed each and every aspect, and you know where you are heading to. You are capable of taking quick and correct decisions when opportunity knocks at your door.
Dream Interpretation
If a praying mantis appears in your dreams, it means that you are being led by your intuition. All the intuitions you've been having lately are trying to tell you something about the situation you are in. It tells you to trust your instincts and act accordingly. If the need is to retreat or step back, then do not hesitate to do so.

It may also indicate that you may be involved in a destructive relationship, or that you are being deceitful and preying on others.
When a praying mantis appears in your life, carefully analyze things, and look at them from a broad and different perspective. Take some time out for meditation and personal reflection, and regain the lost tranquility in your life. Be vigilant to all the signals and clues coming your way. They are just tiny voices inside you which you've been ignoring all the time. Once you heed to them, you will know instinctively how and when to react to a situation.