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An Insight Into What the Wolf Spirit Animal Symbolize

Wolf Spirit Animal: What Does it Symbolize?
Haven't figured out your spirit animal yet? Get to know your insights, power, and skills that are very similar to those of your totems. If yours is a "wolf", then have a look below to know the meaning, purpose of life, and symbolism of your spirit animal in detail.
Tanaya Navalkar
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
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Did You Know?
In earlier times, animals were used as a medium to learn about our inner selves, before psychology and personality types were developed.
Life is hard to crack. From the time we are born till the time we breathe our last, we are always trying to comprehend something or the other. It's a big challenge to find out about our lives and its real purpose.
We all have spirit animals. Some of us might have even realized who our spirit animal is, and some of us might haven't. Spirit animals provide guidance into your inner self, and are always with you. They tell us about the meaning and purpose of life, and the circumstances we are in. They reveal strong cognizance, your personality, behavior, skills, and situations. They carry meaningful hints and messages for us to decode them whenever we are in doubt. They bring to our attention what needs to be acknowledged and what needs to be ignored. It is important to know about the animal that is going to guide and protect you. Finding out your spirit animal can be a long journey of self-discovery.
One of the spirit animals that have the strongest symbolism is the wolf. It has often been thought of as a ferocious and dangerous animal. However, it is a shy, but sociable creature with strong characteristics. It gives out some of the most striking meanings in life. If a wolf shows up at any point of your life, be careful to notice what it is trying to show you. The personality traits of a wolf are powerful instincts, intuition, and high intelligence.
Wolf Symbolism
The wolf is a very powerful totem when you are lost in the forest of life. He will be your guide, your protector throughout the journey, that you set out on, for exploring yourself. But for that, you must venture deep into the forest like the wolf does. You will have to face and conquer your deepest fears. He is a mystical messenger of dreams and far-away visions.
The wolf totem symbolizes:
  • Loyalty
  • Communication
  • Self-reliance
  • Endurance
  • Loves freedom
  • Powerful instincts
  • Threatened/Fearful
  • High intelligence
  • Compassionate
Positive Symbolism
There is a deep connection of positive symbolism with your intuition and instincts. The wolf totem also reflects sharp intellect when dealing with important matters and decisions in life. It is an expression and way of looking at the world with a different perception and understanding.
The wolf may appear in front of you physically, in a dream, or while meditating. You have to take the clue and understand the situation for using your strong instincts and intuition.
If you feel fearful while in the presence of a wolf, be attentive to what your instincts and emotions are trying to tell you. It will help you notice your behavior and the behavior of people around you. It might be warning you about something or someone around you.
When the wolf demonstrates its presence in your life as a loner, it might be pointing towards freedom. The wolf loves its freedom and has a strong appetite for it. It could be just trying to tell you that you should probably live your life more freely and bring passion in your everyday struggle. The wolf totem is often there to tell you that you should trust your instincts to find the best-suited path for yourself.
Negative Symbolism
A wolf totem can also represent threat or fear. It could be a sign that you are feeling threatened in a situation or by someone. This kind of feeling indicates to look at what or who in your life is influencing you in such a manner.
Perhaps, it is trying to warn you about the possible challenges and boundaries. If you may have exposed yourself too much somewhere or to someone, then it might mean that you need to retreat your steps.
It is the way of your mind to let you know that it might be feeling vulnerable.
It may also mean that you are facing some tough competition at work or that you are in a pack of wolves. Look into yourself deeply as the presence of a wolf may be a kaleidoscope of your feelings and emotional landscapes. It might just beautify your life after having to go through a lot of struggle and pain.
Dream Interpretation of the Wolf Spirit Animal
Seeing or dreaming a wolf symbolizes loyalty, freedom, survival, loneliness, peace, confidence, mystery, and pride.
Lone Wolf Symbolism
When a lone wolf is spotted, it symbolizes freedom. This shows that it is exploring itself, but still needs a mate or a pack of his own.
White Wolf Symbolism
To see a white wolf in your dreams symbolizes victory, bravery, and courage. It means that you possess the ability to see the light even in the darkest of tunnel of life. It teaches lessons of life that help you bring balance.
Black Wolf Symbolism
To see a black wolf in your dream signifies your own shadow. This means that there are some characteristics similar to the wolf that you are refusing to incorporate into yourself. It means that you have deviated from your true purpose of life, and need to get back on the right path.
Pack of Wolf Symbolism
When seen in pack, it symbolizes community and kinship. Make sure your family and other people get your full support and love.
Howling Wolf Symbolism
If you see or hear a wolf howling, then it is indicating that you should stand for yourself and defend your boundaries from intruders. It also symbolizes a cry of help from somebody in your life or a warning that you should soon try and decode.
Wolf being Killed
If you see a wolf being killed or you killing a wolf in your dreams, it signifies betrayal. There are chances that some secrets might get revealed to you. If you see that you are being chased by a wolf, then it implies that you are running away from a problem that you should be confronting, and that has been impacting your life in a negative way.
So, who is your spirit animal? Find out, and set course on your path of self-discovery. We're sure you will find the answers to all your unanswered questions. Be open to all types of messages and indications of life. After all, they are the tiny voices that come to you from within. You just need to pay attention to all the clues that you keep getting in every walk of life!