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Training Exercises to Learn Telekinesis

Training Exercises to Learn Telekinesis

Fascinated by the ability that some people have of moving things without touching them? You can use telekinesis training exercises and do the same. All it takes is patience and perseverance, and a lot of concentration.
Tulika Nair
The ability to be able to use your mind in order to manipulate and influence not only matter, but time, space and, energy without any physical contact is the paranormal ability known as telekinesis. Thanks to the number of fake videos floating around, there are many people who are extremely cynical about telekinesis being real, but the truth of the matter is that there are a number of true practitioners of the movement out there. They have not only mastered the ability of using mind over matter, but are also actively involved in helping out people to learn the same. In this article we provide you with a training guide for beginners with an interest in this seemingly paranormal phenomenon.
Concentration Exercise and Tips
It is definitely possible for anyone to take part in telekinesis training by persevering with different exercises. It is important that one does not get discouraged by initial failures. Perfecting the science takes a lot of practice and you need to be able to perform a whole list of exercises in order to master this science. It is important that you work on your power of concentration. This is very important if you are serious about learning how to move things with your mind. In this article we give you four different exercises that will go a long way in helping you learn the science.
Exercise 1
The first exercise will need you to recreate the miniature image that has been given below. You will need 15 to 20 minutes of undisturbed time for this exercise. Spend some time relaxing your body and your mind. Perform some breathing and meditative exercises. This is very important in order to perform the exercise correctly. The goal of the exercise is to focus on the black dot in the center as long as possible. If your concentration breaks, then note down the time for which you managed to concentrate and then start again. While concentrating do not allow any thoughts to occupy your mind and concentrate on the dot completely. This is very important and an important part of telekinesis training for beginners.

Exercise 2
For this you will need a larger version of the image given below and you need to have it on your computer screen if possible. Alternatively you can sketch it out on a piece of paper and stick it on the wall at a distance. Sit in front of the screen and relax yourself. Now hold your finger up and position it halfway between the screen (or wall) and your eyes. Now try to align your fingertip just at the center, but below the two images. Concentrate on the tip of your finger and not on the images. You will experience slight blurring but that is natural. What you should logically experience is a feeling of the two images aligning to form an equal armed cross. Your aim should be to try to maintain this perceived alignment for as long as possible, extending the time limit as you practice this exercise more.

Training Exercises
Now let us move on to the actual core of this article which is to learn telekinesis. There are many exercises that beginners can use in order to develop their skills in this regard. We take a look at two of the common ones. A test like the ones given below is a good way of checking how good you are at your skills.
Rolling the Pen
The things that you need for this exercise is a pen that is molded in such a way that the surface is spherical. This is important for the pen to roll. To check this, place it on a table and blow hard on it. If it rolls easily then this will be a good pen for you to use. Sit in front of a table in a position that is comfortable. Also ensure that the comparative height is perfect. The surface of the table should be flat and you should ensure that there is no bump of any sort. Relax yourself and concentrate on the pen. Use your mind's energy to make the pen roll across the table. It is important that you concentrate and try to become one with the object. There should be a flow of energy from your mind to the pen and you should be able to visualize the pen rolling across the table. Initially you may be faced with failure but slowly with practice you should be able to do this. The first sign of it working would be when the pen starts to vibrate a bit.
Floating Feather
The things that you need for this exercise is a dry glass jar and a feather. Place the feather inside the jar and lid it. This is to ensure that there is no sort of wind pressure to move the feather. Now place the jar on a table and sit comfortably at a distance away from it. Ensure that you relax yourself completely. This is important for you to be able to concentrate completely. Now concentrate on the feather. Allow yourself to feel the feather and transfer your energy to the cellular levels of the feather. After practicing this for a while, you will ultimately notice the feather starting to float in air, inside the jar.
Telekinesis is not something that you can learn in a matter of minutes. Most practitioners vouch about how it took them years to learn telekinesis. Do not give up in case you fail the first few times. With practice and perseverance, you will surely be able to use the power of your mind to move things.