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Telepathic Communication

Super Interesting Info on Telepathic Communication to Amaze You

Living beings communicate with each other in many forms. One such mode of communication is telepathic communication. Several researches and studies are being conducted to develop modern form of communication...
Marlene Alphonse
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
Telepathic communication is the mind to mind communication that occurs without the use of any of the five physical senses of sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. It is often carried on without words and can be performed even over long distances. Telepathy is a very amazing and interesting theory. Telepathy is one of the branches of para-psychological research and many studies have been carried out and are going on to understand and decipher this phenomenon. It is said that if a person uses telepathy, he has the ability to read the minds and information stored in the brains of others. This can also be referred to as having psychic abilities. To communicate a person telepathically, one must be well versed with the techniques of telepathy and also know how to implement them.
What is Telepathy?
Telepathic communication, is the direct transference of feelings and thoughts from one person to another, by using only the power of mind. Telepathy is also termed as the sending and receiving of thoughts, pictures and feelings using mental energy. The information or message is communicated in a variety of ways depending on the sensory magnitudes of the sender and receiver. The message or information may come as an instant picture or a snapshot that flashes into your mind, disappearing as quickly as it comes. It can also be like a movie being played in your mind. The images and colors may vary, being crisp and clear at one time and at other times may be partial, vague and in tones of gray. The message can appear in your mind as a thought. Depending on the feelings of the sender, the receiver can feel a variety of emotions like love, happiness, frustration, sadness, etc.
Depending on the verbal or non-verbal method of extrasensory communication, a person might receive messages by paracognition (instantly knowing it), clairaudience (hearing an inner voice in the mind), clairvoyance (visualizing) or clairsentience (feeling). All the matters that take place at the psychic level, operate through the power of belief. In order to send and receive messages through telepathy, a person must have a positive approach towards it. Following are the three methods of communicating through telepathy.
  • Inducing emotion, desire or image, that the person wishes to send, within himself first and then experiencing it at that moment.
  • Visualizing the desire, emotion or image that he has sent to someone and experiencing it as well.
  • The person should be certain that this communication will happen the way he had intended it to happen.
Telepathic Communication Between Two People
Has it ever happened that you are thinking of a friend or a loved one who is out-of-town and at that very instant you get a call from him? If you have experienced this, well it is known as telepathy. Spiritual connection also plays a role in thought transference between two people. When two people are spiritually close to each other, they become so connected that they can communicate with each other without being in contact physically and can often sense what the other is thinking or feeling. Telepathy depends on two factors; sending and receiving.
Extrasensory communication is of the psychic level, where the mind tends to operate beyond pure words and linguistics. One person might sense what the other is thinking or feeling at that particular time or what he is intending to do. Both the individuals can experience the same thing at the same time. When a person has a good communication with another person, they can read each others thoughts easily. To receive and send telepathic messages clearly, one must exercise authenticity and maintain the virtue of truth and honesty, which is the spiritual law of reality.
Telepathy is all about psychology and comes through a feeling or desire. People are finding it easier to accept telepathic communication as not only a remote possibility, but a fact beyond doubt.