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Red Aura Color Personality and Meaning

Red Aura Color Personality and Meaning
Every person has a distinct aura, which speaks a lot about his/her personality, physical conditions, and mental turmoil. A clear aura means a happy and healthy person. Are you passionate, fierce, and courageous? Do you feel you have a red aura? This Mysticurious article will help you understand the meaning and personality of a red aura color.
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Did You Know?
Most people don't have a single-colored aura, but a combination of two or more colors. The shades may change as you go through physical or emotional turmoil. Spiritually aware people can even have a multiple-colored aura, or rainbow auras.

Red is the color of passion, and that's the best word to describe people with a red aura; they are passionate about everything in life. Their energy, stamina, and appeal makes them stand out amongst the rest. Their presence is very strong, as they're extremely physical individuals.

Red, being such a strong color, has immense magnetic attraction as well as repulsion. Everything about red is intense. It is hard to ignore this color; that's the reason it is used on danger signs.

Every color is associated with different qualities. A person with a red aura may have many other colors, but red will predominantly stand out. We can get a basic idea of personality traits of a person according to the color of his aura. Let's dissect the persona, characteristics, and relationship compatibility of a person with a red aura, in the upcoming sections.

Traits Associated with Red

Different Shades of Red
Dark red aura means that the person is strong, grounded, self-sufficient, and realistic.

Bright red aura means passion, competitiveness, sensuality, and desire.

Clouded red aura has negative connotations like anger, hatred, explosiveness, and negativity.

Characteristics of Red Aura
People with a red aura are action-oriented individuals, who love practical experiences, rather than theories and ideas.

These people are extremely physical individuals. They are full of energy and lively. By channeling their intense passion in the right direction, reds can be successful in whatever they perceive.

They should find healthy outlets to channel all their excess energy. Engaging in sports, exercising, or any other physically strenuous activities will help them control the physical side of their persona.

They are competitive and have a strong urge to become number one in all things. Their competitive streak may make them bad team players.

Reds have a devil-may-care attitude, that often lands them in trouble. They believe in living life to the fullest. They crave for an adventure and adrenaline rush. They don't believe in a safe and secure life, and love taking risks and playing with danger.

They may easily get bored with the routine, and will run behind everything that excites them. They love to travel and experience something new. They may be foodies too.

Reds are honest and direct individuals. But, sometimes, their honesty can be misconstrued as bluntness. Their upfront attitude and openness may be too hot to handle for some people. They may get angry quickly, and lose their patience easily; but they'll never hold grudges.

They are healthy and robust individuals who rarely fall sick, and are mentally strong too.

A unhappy or low-on-energy red has the potential to be very forceful and compelling. He can get really angry and explosive.

They should surround themselves with calm and supportive friends or partner, who'll understand and accept this side of their personality.

Personality Traits
They are social bees, who love to hang out with large groups of friends.

Their magnetic personality and inherent charm ensures a lot of attention from the opposite sex.

They are good with words, but may not be comfortable sharing their deepest feelings or aspirations.

They can become fierce and over-competitive in their quest to become the best.

They can be short-tempered and get frustrated easily.

Relationships and Compatibility
Most people with red auras have a magnetic appeal, which attracts people to them. Their passion and sensuality is absolutely unparalleled.

They are highly energetic, and are always looking for excitement in life. They'll need someone who can cope up with their level of excitement. The ideal mate for a person with a red aura should be quick thinking and physically active.

Reds may prefer flings more than intimate relationships. For them, everything is about excitement and challenges. They may get bored with conventional relationships.

Reds can't handle feeble or weak partners. Their partner may end up suffering, as the red will become more and more dominant.

People with a red personality aura should go for calm, but strong partners, who'll help them handle their emotions better, and bring stability in their life. This will also ensure that the extreme side of theirs remains as subdued as possible.

People with predominant green or purple auras are good for reds. Greens are calm and purples are strong; exactly what a red needs.

Ideal careers for reds are professions which require a lot of physical work, along with quick thinking, like a policeman, sportsman, surgeon, military officer, fireman, etc.

Seeing someone's aura requires extreme skill, practice, and concentration. You may not be able to see someone's aura immediately. Nevertheless, more than the aura color, importance should be given to maintain a clean and bright aura.
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